Italian Translator – CLAUDIA


Languages: Italian Translation, Italian to English, English to Italian

Work Experience
Dates October 2010 /  Ongoing
employee Giusy Mangia

British school of english

via Luigi pirandello, 38

86100 campobasso

Type of business British school of english
Type of job translator
Main tasks translations (LEGAL, MEDICAL, ECONOMIC)
Dates 12th of March 2010 / 31st of august 2010

Type of business production , installation and maintenance of leds
Type of job project manager
Main tasks project management, translator and interpreter between dealers and suppliers based in Germany, united kingdom and unites states
Dates from june 2010 (ongoing)

Type of business Tourism
Type of job Translator
Main tasks spanish translator of the web page  of the company
Dates from march 2010 (ongoing)

Type of business fashion
Type of job interpreter a and translator
Main tasks Interpreter between the company and the sylists and designers from Holland and the united states
Dates 13-14 november 2009

Type of business agency
Type of job Interpreter  during the bodybuilding world Championships
Main tasks Liaison  Interpreter
Dates SEPTEMBER 2009 / june 2010

Type of business British school of english
Type of job Secretary of direction
Main tasks secretary, organisation of language courses, translations
Dates June –July 2009

Type of business Translation and interpretation  agency
Type of job Translator
Main tasks Translation of business letters, economic and financial texts from brazilian into italian
Dates From  February 2009- ongoing

Type of business Centre for Enterprise services
Type of job portuguese teacher
Main tasks portuguese teacher  for the general director of CSI
Dates from 9 to 12 february2009

Type of business GAL Molise verso il 2000
Type of job simultaneous interpreter
Main tasks Interpreter  in the booth during the whole workshop ( “Costruzione di reti relazionali per lo sviluppo integrato territoriale”), italian into english and english into italian, Scutari, Albania
Dates june/july 2008

Type of business translation agency
Type of job Translator
Main tasks Translations (legal, financial), Spanish into Italian, Italian into Spanish, English into Italian, Italian into English
Dates from February 2008- ongoing

Type of business phone interpreting  and translation agency
Type of job phone interpreter and translator
Main tasks phone interpreting (spanish, english and portuguese) Translations of Contracts and business letters from italian into spanish
Dates january 2008
employee Tour Operator Mete Sannite
Type of business Tour operator
Type of job Interpreter
Main tasks phone Interpreter
Dates 6th of June 2007- 10th of june 2007
employee Aglaia s.n.c.
Type of business Agenzia di Interpretazione e Traduzione
Type of job simultaneous interpreter
Main tasks simultaneous interpretation  (in booth) during the conference CHROMA (Cultures and Human Rights of the Mediterranean Area), monopoli (Bari)
Dates From  october 2007 to april 2007
employee British school
Type of business School of english
Type of job Collaboration with the school : italian teacher
Main tasks Italian Teacher
Dates 17th of  April 2007- 19th of April 2007
employee Cauchos Ruiz Alejos
Type of business Rubber soles
Type of job Liaison interpreting during  the fair Lineapelle in Bolonia
Main tasks Interpreter, Italian into Spanish, English into Spanish, Spanish into English
Dates 13th of  March 2007 -17th of  March 2007
employee Seal S.r.l.
Type of business Circular saw blades firm
Type of job Liaison Interpreting during the fair Saiedue Living 2007
Main tasks Interpreter from  English into Italian, from Spanish into Italian, from Italian into Spanish, from Portuguese into Italiano, from Italian into Portuguese
Dates 8th of  January 2007- 13th of  January 2007
employee Beck’s
Type of business Import and export (wines and beers)
Type of job Phone Interpreter
Main tasks Interpreter from English into Italian, Italian into English
Dates January 2007
employee Douglas  Skopp
Type of business Dionysus Imports Inc.(Texas), import  and export (wines)
Type of job Translator
Main tasks Translation of business letters  (English- Italian, Italian- English), customer assistance,  liaison between the Italian supplier in Alba (Turin) and the firm located in Texas
Dates November 2006
employee RTA S.r.l.
Type of business Rilievi topografici e aerofotogrammetrici surveys
Type of job Phone Interpreter and Liaison Interpreter
Main tasks Interpreter (English into Italian, Italian into English)
Dates From October 2006 to December 2008
employee Maria Iadarolo (Radio Orizzonte)
Type of business Radio Orizzonte Molise
Type of job Speaker
Main task Speaker
Dates 20th of May 2006- 4th of June 2006
employee Valeria D’Attilo
Type of business 37th Chess Olympiad Turin 2006
Type of job Interpretariato e Traduzione
Main tasks Translation of  documents from Spanish into English (FIDE Secretariat) , reception of guests and delegations in the Hotel Meridien
Dates 2nd of  May2006 – 8th of May 2006
employee Maurizia Rebola
Type of business International Book Fair Turin 2006
Type of job Simultaneous Interpreter (English- Italian, Italian- English), Liaison Interpreter (Portuguese- Italian, Italian- Portuguese)
Main tasks Simultaneous Interpeter in the booth (International Booksellers’Association)

Liaison Interpeter during the presentation of the book “A onça protetora” , Shirley Krenak

Dates 30th of March 2006-2nd of Aprile 2006
employee Silvia Bini
Type of business University Sports Centre
Type of job Liaison Interpeter during  “FISU CSU and CTI Meeting Winter Universiade Torino 2007”
Main tasks Interpreter (chuchotage) during the delegates’meetings
Dates 10th of  March 2006 -19th of March 2006
employee International Paralympic Committee- Turin 2006
Type of business Winter Paralympic Games- Turin 2006
Type of job Interpreter in the Protocol Office in Sestriere during the IX Paralympic Winter Games
Main tasks Interpretation and guided visits  for ministers and heads of state in the Paralympic Village
Dates 7th of  March 2006- 8th of March 2006
employee Valeria D’Attilo
Type of business Conference “Competenze per una cittadinanza consapevole”
Type of job Chuchotage interpeter
Main tasks Interpreter
Dates 28th of January 2006- 23d of February 2006
employee (Turismo Torino)

Valeria D’Attilo

Type of business Main Media Centre/TPDM Torino
Type of job Front-office, during the XX Winter Olympic Games, Turin 2006
Main tasks Reception, information, linguistic assistance
Dates February 2006
employee Frank Fitzpatrick
Type of business Journalism
Type of job Liaison Interpreter
Main tasks and responsabilities Interpretation (interviews)
Dates February 2006
employee Dale Robertson

Sports Journalist

Type of business Journalism
Type of job Consecutive Interpreter
Dates January  2006
employee Avv.  Giovanni Iannetta
Type of business Legal Office
Type of job Translator
Main tasks Translation of documents (English- Italian, Italian- English, Spanish-Italian)
Dates 29th of November  2005- 3d of December 2005
employee Sandro Cuccu

Symposium S.A.S.

Type of business Symposium  Marketing Comunicazione
Type of job Interpreter during the Grepa Congress
Main tasks Linguistic assistance
Dates 18th of November 2005- 28th of November 2005
employee Francesca Messina

Antenna Media Torino

Type of business Office of the MEDIA programme (European Union)
Type of job Linguistic assistance
Main tasks Abstracts of the conference

• Dates November 2005- July 2006
• Education type Master in Liaison Interpreting and Conference Interpretation financed by the European Union. Istituto Vittoria-Agenzia Formativa tutto EUROPA ,Turin
• Main subjects Simultaneous Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation

Liaison Interpreting

• Title Master in Interpretariato di Trattativa e Conferenza

• Dates November 2005- July 2006
• Name of the school Italian pronunciation course during the master in Turin
• Main subjects Italian pronunciation

Interpretation (Spanish- Italian) using the techniques learnt in the course (final exam)

• Dates October 2001- June 2004
• Name of the school Finnish course (SSLMIT, School for Interpreters and Translators, Forli)
• Main subjects Finnish language, Exams: Lingua Finlandese I, Lingua Finlandese II, Lingua Finlandese III

• Dates October 1999 – July 2005
• Name of the school School for Interpreters and Translators (SSLMIT), Forli
• Main subjects Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive Interpretation, Translation
• Title Laurea in Traduzione e Interpretazione (INDIRIZZO INTERPRETAZIONE DI CONFERENZA)

• Dates September 1994- June 1999
• Name of the school Liceo linguistico, Istituto Regina Elena, Campobasso
• Main subjects Languages (Spanish, English, French)
• Title Licenza linguistica

We have Italian translators and interpreters in Los Angeles, CA; Orange County, CA; New York, NY; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; Washington D.C.; Dallas, TX, Houston, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Newark, NJ; New Haven, CT; San Diego, CA; Seattle, WAVancouver, BC, Canada; Rome, Italy; Venice, Italy; Udine, Italy; Florence, Italy; Milano, Italy; Naples, Italy; Verona, Italy; Turin, Italy; Bologna, Italy; Perugia, Italy; Genoa, Italy; Madrid, Spain; Brussels, Belgium; Zurich, Switzerland; Monaco, Luxembourg and in many more cities all over the world.

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