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Since 2003, L.A. Translation has been devoted to a mission of breaking down language barriers to meet our clients’ language translation needs. LA. Translation now has a pool of over 4,000 translators and interpreters all over the world. Our translators are experts in their fields of specialization, PhD’s, college professors, attorneys, patent attorneys, engineers, and certified translators. By being dedicated to our goal of delivering high quality accurate translation services to customers, LA. Translation has developed into one of the most trusted translation services in the world. We have translated into more than 200+ languages.

Your trusted language expert

Language expert providing certified translation and interpreter services in 200+ languages of the world since 2003

Translation Services

Certified translation services for immigration, USCIS, court, medical hospitals, foreign embassy, etc. Certification, notary public, and apostille services also available.

Call 213-368-0700 to ask for a quote or send an email to: info@latranslation.com. Or, submit your document to our website, link found to the right.

Professional Document Language Translation Service LA Translation is your global voice. With a dedicated team of highly professional translators, LA Translation can translate your document into over 200 languages, including Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, Hebrew, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese translation services, and more!

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Your trusted language expert

LAT aims at the highest level of accuracy in translation, and ensures that every translator who works for LAT is well qualified and experienced and dedicated to provide accurate translations. LAT has always been able to meet challenging deadlines, mobilizing a pool of the most qualified translators and editors, and has been able to deliver consistently high quality translations in a humanly impossible short time. Another source of our strength is our financial transparency. We have developed ways to deliver accurate quotes from the beginning, and sought most efficient ways to reduce cost while maintaining high quality. A mission of LAT is to use the best linguistic resources to deliver excellence to our clients with the most efficient and cost saving methods.

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    LA. Translation provides translation and interpreting services in all languages.