In this time and age, business can easily cross borders to grow and expand further. Isn’t it time you had your website translated into multiple languages to reach more customers? LA Translation will localize your website to appeal to your customers who speak different language and live in different culture. We translate in 200+ langauges. Call 213-368-0700 to ask for a quote or send an email to:

The chart above shows the top 10 languages used on the internet. By translating into 10 languages, your website will reach 83% of the world’s internet population.

The formats we can work with:

    • PHP Array
    • PHP Define
    • Movable Type (Perl)
    • Joomla
    • Java
    • iPhone Strings
    • Android Strings
    • CSV
    • Resx
    • INI
    • PO
    • YAML

Contact us for more information on globalizing your website.

Languages: LA Translation translates to and from the following 200+ languages of the world.