Court Interpreter School Los Angeles

“I was so lucky to have found LA Translation. They helped me to become a court certified interpreter, which turned out to be a dream job for me. Their instructors are absolutely the best in town!”

James, 1-year Certificate in Mandarin Program.

“Most of the Korean interpreters who became certified for the past decade has been from this school. What an achievement!”

Sunny, 1-year Certificate in Korean Program

“This school is so conveniently located in downtown and I really appreciated Laurena’s medical class!”

Luisa, Certificate in Translation and Interpretation in Spanish program

L.A. Translation and Interpretation is a language school in Los Angeles that focuses on training high quality court and medical interpreters in Arabic, Armenian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish, among others.

Founded in 2003, the school has produced many excellent court and medical certified translators and interpreters. It also provides excellent career service through its subsidiary company: L.A. Translation and Interpretation, Inc.

Its One Year Certificate Program in Translation and Interpretation prepares the student to pass the court and medical interpreter tests given by the state government. A student is to submit an application with diploma, and a 10 minute tape introducing oneself in English and a foreign language. When admitted, 8 courses should be completed in a year, normally two courses per quarter. The courses cover: Consecutive interpreting, Sight translation, and Simultaneous interpreting. Interpreter’s Code of Ethics, legal vocabulary, criminal proceedings, and interpreting skills are taught. Upon completion, the school awards Certificate of Translation and Interpretation. The students then take a court interpreter test given by the State to start working in courts, or a medical interpreter test.

Our Instructors are all court certified interpreters with Master’s degree or PhD and teaching credentials. The classes are held conveniently in downtown and the parking is free.