Vietnamese Translator – Thai


Languages: Vietnamese Translation, Vietnamese to English, English to Vietnamese

Specialization: Almost All fields. Most often: Education, IT, Business, Marketing, Technical, Medical, Natural Sciences, Literature, Entertainment, Law. 


 Currently working full-time as freelance translator

 Proz Platinum member and Translatorscafe Master member since 2004

 15 years experience in translation (since 1995)


            Microsoft IT academy Order Process

            Cell phone Vietnamese messages keystroke input method – generate common messages

            Oregon Dept. of Motor Vehicles Test questions

            School District Student Support services (special education)

            Tutorial CD ROM & video ad

            Canadian Health Insurance for International Students

            How to react in an emergency

            County Survey Submission (proofread)

            Electronic Circuit Board Maker Operation Manual

            CORAL Study Permission Form

            Blood diagnostic test analysis

            Legal: Statement of Vietnamese drug dealer in court

            Email Translation: series of letters, email & chat content between Viet couple

            Introduction Educational Approach – HOME LANGUAGE SURVEY

            Heineken TV ad

            Johnnie Walker Journey of Taste ad campaign

            Gynecologic medical questionnaire

            Obstetrics medical questionnaire

            Pediatrics medical questionnaire

            Springboard Vocational Traning Center regulations

            Windows traning course materials

            Patient contact information

            California local election campaigns (large project)

            Medicine usage instructions

            Translation Order form & explanation

            Intel® Channel Knowledge Builder

            World History Glossaries

            Epson Printer ad

            Facial Cream ad

            Etraining materials

            AsiaCenter operations in Hungary

            Vaccine Injection notice

            Tairawhiti college business studies courses

            cell phone terms

            Financial Services Compensation Scheme

            Asthma Control Test translation & survey project

            Flextronics Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

            TNS corporate survey

            Townsville Crime Advice handbook

            Canon Green procurement program

            Intel Channel Guide

            Children’s ebooks

            Employee Confidentiality agreement

            Special Education

            Environment Training MCS Corporation

            US Textbook grades 6-7-8 Sciences and Maths

            New South Wales Food Authority

            Cascade DAFO company policies

            VNU Code of Business Conduct

            Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging policy choices

            Gallup survey

            Cascade DAFO Employee Confidentiality Agreement

            Ergonomics Handbook for office workers

            California Healthy family program

            Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine Marketing Code

            How food complaints are reported & handled

            Cascade Footnotes Wow! Program and How it Works

            Garden Grove house rental program & policies

            Singapore’s Tan Tock Seng Hospital catalog

            Love My Way drama advertisement

            SBC Messaging D.B.A. Pacific Bell Call Management Vocabulary State of California E.D.D. Paid Family Leave program

            Booklet – Comments about the Roman Catholic Church and the US – the economic, political, cultural superpower and the religious monopoly

            SonoGrader Guide

            London Criminal Justice Board

            Hepatitis B vaccine Ottawa

            Arta western hospital

            Cascade DAFO safety meetings

            Intel Legal Disclaimers & Overview Intel Pentium 6xx

            UCR logistics process

            NUH Hospital brochure

            Mark Warren psycho questionnaire

            Intel® Channel Knowledge Builder Incentive Terms and Conditions

            13 Word files textbook History – Geography

            GSL – Visitor Application Form; GSL – Detainee Information Booklet



            Science Glossaries Grades 6-7-8

            drama ad: Blackjack – Hero translation

            Canada immigration

            UK hospital policy

            Toshiba air conditioner

            Secondary-high school math & scientific glossary (terms & definitions)

            Law office of Texas Riogrande legal aid

            Chickenpox Vaccination Brochure

            Joint inspection of services for older people in Wiltshire, UK

            Cascade Employee handbook

            Mental health services in Greater Manchester Area

            Singapore tourism comprehensive guide Lunar New Year

    Panasonic automation system manual

    Anne Arundel county public school

    Material Safety Data Sheet

    Vietnamese criminal statement series in UK

    How Microsoft C/C++ compilers work

    New Zealand Nelson Area General Fishing Rules

    Skincare cream advertisements

    Vietnamese-English translation of series of Decrees and Circulars by the Vietnamese government on exporting contracts (fisheries and aquaculture inspection & quality control)

We have Vietnamese translators and interpreters in Los Angeles, CA; Orange County, CA; New York, NY; Chicago, ILMiami, FL; Atlanta, GA; Washington D.C.; Dallas, TX, San Francisco, CA;Houston, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Newark, NJ; New Haven, CT; San Diego, CA; Seattle, WAVancouver, BC, Canada; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Hanoi, Vietnam; Vung Tau City, Vietnam; Saigon, Vietnam; Sydney, Australia and in many more cities all over the world.

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