Vietnamese Translator – Le Thi Kim

Le Thi Kim

Languages: Vietnamese Translation, Vietnamese to English, English to Vietnamese


•        From 1987 to 1991: studied at Ho Chi Minh city University of Economics – Accounting Department

•        From 1996 to 1998: studied at Social Science and Humanities University – English Department

•        From 2000 to 2002: studied MBA with the major of Finance at Curtin Technologies University in Australia.


American accounting certificate

Price Valuation certificate

Teaching TOEFL iBT certificate


•        From 1991 to 1992: I worked as an accountant for Cotec Ltd.

– doing all the accounting work for the year 1990 and 1991 (detailed accounting books, balance sheets and profit and loss statements)

From 1992 to 1995: I worked as a coordinator for foreign cooperation projects in Ho Chi Minh city Posts and Telecommunications:

– setting up the new businesses such as: Call-link – the first mobile phone project in Vietnam, paging projects – Phonelink and ABC; Yellowpages, MobileNet (a trunk radio system for group calling such as taxis, ambulance, in the construction fields). etc.

– doing the feasibility study: collecting market information, financial forecast, HR plan, etc.

– obtaining the business license

– negotiating the joint venture contract,

– arranging the human resources for the new business including recruiting, working out organisation chart, working process between the departments and two parties,

– coordinating financial and accounting issues between two parties,

– following up the  business development.

From 1995 to 2000: I worked as a financial analyst for investment projects in Ho Chi Minh city Posts and Telecommunications:

– doing the feasibility studies for the telephone network in Ho Chi Minh city including the exchange, transmission, outsideplant network and new services such as DDN, ADSL, etc

– doing the procurement through international tendering according to the regulations.

– evaluating the bidding results for final buying decision

– following up the contract performance.

– re-evaluating the investment decision for investment extension.

From 2000 to 2002: study MBA with the major of finance in Australia

From 2002 to May 2008: I worked as a network equipment procurement officer in Ho Chi Minh city Posts and Telecommunications.

– Setting up the internal procurement policies and processes according to the Law of Tendering.

– Monitoring the procurement of the subsidiaries (the telephone companies)

– following up the business cooperation between France Telecom and P&T in terms of the issues relating to the investment decisions, reviewing the business plan every year to revise the business plan for the next year

– following up the Business Cooperation Contract performance.

– working in the factory inspection for Walmart.

From June 2008 until April 2009, I was the Deputy Manager of Planning and Business Department of West Telecom Company:

–      working out the marketing plan for the year,

–      performing promotion campaigns: preparing the plan, applying for the license, deploying in the company, following up the result of the campaign.

–      customer care plan: preparing customer care plan for big customers, loyal customers, organising lunches and seminars with big customers

–      contacting with building and resident area investors to set up the relationship for providing the telephone infrastructure investment and service in the future, negotiating the investment contract with the investors.

–      introducing new services in niche market such as wifi internet service for dormitories: doing the feasibility study, business plan, pricing plan, marketing plan for the new services

From May 2009 until September 2009: I worked as a manager in Planning Department

–      supervising and inspecting the investment activities in the whole company: inspecting the compliance to the law, the progress of the investment project and the effectiveness of the investment projects for the future investment decision and the effectiveness of the capital put into the investment.

–      Negotiating and evaluating the technical support contract with foreign partners.

–      Calculating the price for the facilities rental services such as the rental of the micro cell to MobiFone.

From September 2009 until now: I work as a finance manager

–      Evaluating the construction investment for the company.

–      Allocating finance resources into projects

–      Coordinating Business Cooperation Contract with France Telecom

Other activities:

–      Interpreting for seminars, investment conferences, diplomatic meetings, factory auditing (for Walmart, LLBean)

–      Translating business books for First News (10 books were published), business documents for enterprises.

–      Teaching English in Kenta School.

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