French Translator (Los Angeles, CA)





1991 to Present Los Angeles, United States

  • French freelance translator and editor – Main fields of expertise: Film (sub-titles, film-scripts, dubbing,) and human sciences (academia, literature, religion, art, public relations.) Secondary fields: business (marketing, press releases,) and technical (telecommunications, IT…)
  • Manager of large multi-lingual projects (Film, Academia, Religion.)
  • Copywriter (Web content, newsletters, optimized articles.)
  • Author: “Computers for Adults” (in English) Published by the Carol Publishing Group.

1981 to 1991 Paris, France

  • French freelance translator specializing in film (translations and adaptation for dubbing, voiceover) literature, art and archeology, IT.
  • Dialogue and dialogue adaptation writer for French TV production companies.
  • Voiceover actors’ advisor for dubbing companies.
  • Freelance journalist: Published articles in French women’s magazines, as well as science, computer and software magazines.
  • Computer and Software instructor. Created and wrote courses and manuals.

1976-1979 Iran

  • Import-Export Manager for a Swiss company, then a British shipping firm (P&O Lloyd.)

1972-1976 Paris, France

  • Participated in the writing and editing of a guide on Turkey. Published by Editions Nagel in 1973, Paris.
  • Market research analyst in an advertising company.

1966-1972 Paris and London (jobs held part-time as a student.)

  • Manager of an Art Gallery.
  • English-language docent.
  • English teacher for children and adults.
  • Educator/Teacher for disabled children (London.)


  • Schooling in the USA, Britain, Africa, the Middle East and France.
  • Degree in Archeology, History and History of Art (Sorbonne, Paris)
  • Degree in Turkish and History of the Middle East (Institut des Langues Orientales, Paris)

February 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

Corinne has worked on a freelance basis as a translator and subtitling editor for VITAC since the beginning of 2007. During this time, Corinne has been assigned high-profile feature, documentary, game and music industry projects, usually consisting of creation of sub-titles, requiring translation of dialogue in  video sources from English to French or from French to English.

Corinne has always met deadlines, and her work product has consistently met our high standards for accuracy in translation, spelling and grammar.

She brings a great deal of focus and energy to her work, and she’s always my first choice for work involving French translations.

Her expertise in the field of linguistics and film is an asset to the team. She catches nuances of the source language and transforms it into a flavor in the target one to the extent that the final product is often ”a masterpiece”—quoting clients’ feedback on Corinne product.

I would recommend Corinne for any production you have on your plate, as her language skills are second to none. She is a joy to work with.

Kind regards,

Yelena Makarczyk – Director of Operations



January 12th 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is my personal recommendation for Corinne as an English to French translator/subtitler. Corinne recently worked on a project for my company, and I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling the assignment with dedication and excellence.

Even with all the testing in place, it is never easy to use a translator that you have never worked with before, as you do not know what kind of outcome you will get.  With Corinne, I was pleasantly surprised to find that after the proof of her translation was done by an important and renowned client, they had absolutely no corrections—zero! Something very rare in the subtitling world!  You will not need to hire a second proof person if you hire Corinne as she will be sure to triple check her work to eliminate any potential errors. With her excellent literary skills, I was able to impress this first-time client!

I highly recommend Corinne as an English to French translator/subtitler. She is a team player who understands the art of translation and would make a great asset to any French subtitling project.


Joanna J. Scavo

Director of Operations, Multi-language Subtitling & Translation


November 17, 2008
We have commissioned Corinne Simon-Duneau to create many subtitle translations for our company over roughly the past 12 years. Typically, the translations are for films that are to be shown at Cannes, Deauville, or other prestigious festivals, so the standards are high and the deadlines are tight.  Corinne is always thoroughly professional, meticulous, and delivers on time, every time. She is a pleasure to work with, and I would never hesitate to recommend her.

Dave Margolis
General Manager
Cinetyp, Inc.



1399 So. Roxbury Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90035

December 1, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to tell you of the work that was done for our organization, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, by Corinne, who did translation for two of our documentary films. Moriah Films is the documentary production division of the Wiesenthal Center.

Corinne was called upon and given a tight deadline in order to help us translate dialogue so that subtitling could be done for each of these films. Both times that she was asked to work on our film projects, she was amiable and calm. Speaking with her on the phone was always pleasant and she accepted the jobs that were requested. Her work was very professional and was presented back to us in a most timely manner.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has its European headquarters in Paris. The European director of operations, Mr. Shimon Samuels, who reviewed the work that Corinne translated, was very impressed with the translations and complimented her by calling her work “remarkable.”

I highly recommend Corinne as she has proven herself to be a very competent professional.


Phyllis Rosenhaft

Production Manager/MORIAH FILMS

Michael H. Wilson – Vortex Productions

Corinne has worked for me as a translator on several occasions. She has done excellent translations of two complex screenplays, one from French into English and one from English into French. She captured the writers’ tone and style so skillfully that in the end both texts seemed to be written in their original language as opposed to a translated version.

She also wrote the French sub-titles for The Wrong Man, Joseph Mc Bride’s film with Rosanna Arquette, and I was very happy with her work. She showed a keen sense of dialogue and was able to retain the color and humor of the piece.

A rarity among translator, Corinne can write.

She is always ready to meet a new challenge and is never late in her assignments. First and foremost, she is a true professional.

I would warmly recommend her as a translator.

Michael H. Wilson – Vortex Productions

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