Payment Information

Please follow these directions in order for us to process the payment on time.

Send your invoice to
2975 Wilshire Blvd. #640
LA CA 90010

Our payment term is 45 days, unless specified otherwise.

The following must be included in your invoice:

  • Delivery Date
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Assigned Purchase Order #
  • Your name, or company name the payment is made out to
  • Short description or file name of the assignment
  • Amount (rate, and word count if this applies)
  • Where to make the payment to (ex: address for checks, PayPal account name)
  • Any other relevant information (parking, mileage, etc.) – This should be notified to the PM at the time of job assignment.

We can make payment through company check and PayPal.

Bank transfer fee is $45.00.

We do not use other forms of payment.

Please do not proceed with the assignment unless you are given a purchase order number. Ask for the PO# if you have not received one.

Other information:

LA Translation has the right to edit all translators work to determine whether the quality is acceptable.  If it is determined that the error ratio is not acceptable we may charge the translator back for editing and other expenses.  Also, sending machine translations is prohibited.  If it is determined that you sent us machine translation instead of  a human translation or a responsible human editing the MT word by word to be the same quality as human translation, we may charge the translator back for editing and other expenses.

Please return the translated document in the file format of the original document (pdf files should be returned in MS Word), mirroring as much as possible the source document, including all figures, graphs, footers, headers, page numbers etc.

Please note that all projects with LA Translation are confidential in nature and are to be treated as such.  No information may be disclosed without the expressed written consent of LA Translation.

All projects have a strict due date and must be completed accurately and on time.  All projects that are not completed on time are considered incomplete and you may be subject to non-payment if you cannot complete the project on-time and do provide us with adequate notification.

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