Useful Thai Phrases

Useful Thai Phrases

Thai is spoken by 95% of Thailand’s Population. When traveling in Thailand, learning a few Thai phrases will be an added advantage. You will be alternately praised and appreciated by the Thais; many of them who barely speak English or no English at all. One of the best reasons for you to learn Thai is that it helps you gain insight to its rich and beautiful culture. In addition, it will help you to easily get around Thailand easier whether you are aboard a nice comfortable rented car like those at car hire dublin or simply a taxi cab in search of the lost ruins.

Whenever you speak Thai, if you are male, you should end the sentence with “Krab” and “Kha” if you are a female. Thai Language has five tones, which are low, middle, high, rising, and falling. Vowel length is important when speaking Thai, because if you speak the word longer, it will change the meaning of the word. The best way to learn a language is through listening to native speakers.

Some Useful Thai Phrases.
Hello & Good Bye Sa-wat dee (kha,krab)
Thank you Khorb koon
How much? Gee baht
Where is ……? ……. yoo tee nai
I don’t want Mai tong gaan
Sorry Khor toat
I like it Chob maak
Yes/No Chai/ Mai chai
Why? Tum mai
What? Arai
I want to go to… Chun ja pai …….
Toilet Hong naam
Which way? Pai taang nai
Left Sai
Right Kwaa
Straight on Tong pai
Is it far? Gai mai?
How to go to …….? Pai …….. yang ngai
Never mind Mai pen rai
Do you speak English? Kun poot par sar ang grit dai mai
How do you do? (pleased to meet you) Yin dee tee roo jak
I beg your pardon? Arai na
I don’t understand Pom (di chan) mai kow jai
See you later Laiw jer gan
Can you help me? Chuay pom (di chan) noy dai mai
Where can I get a taxi? Pom (di chan) ja reark taihk see dai tee nai
How long? Narm mai
Can I get you a drink? Pom (di chan) (b)pai ow kreuang deurm hai ow mai
I hope we’ll meet again Pom (di chan) wang war row ja dai jer gan eek
Do you mind if I smoke? Kun ja rang geart mai tar pom (di chan) ja soop bu ree


Shopping is the first thing, many tourists do when they arrive in Thailand. Thailand has a lot to offer in terms of shopping from air-conditioned shopping malls to dozens of outdoor markets. Department stores usually have a fixed price, but in markets, you can bargain the price.

How much is this? Ra ka thao rai
That is a little expensive Paeng pai
Can you make it cheaper? Lot noi dai mai
How about ……. Baht? ….. baht dai mai?
Can you help me? Chuay dai mai
Can I see that? Khor doo dai mai
I am just looking. Khor doo thao nun
I will come back later. Ja ma mai
Do you have something bigger (or smaller)? (“Yai” = Big, “Lek” = Small) Mee yai (or lek) gwar mai
Do you have another colour? Mee see auen mai
Never mind Mai pen rai

It is important to learn Thai numbers if you want to be serious about shopping and bargaining in Thailand. Prices in department stores are marked but you will have to ask the price in outdoor market then try to make it cheaper.

0 Soon 20 Yee sib
1 Nueng 30 Saam sib
2 Song 40 See sib
3 Saam 50 Har sib
4 See 60 Hok sib
5 Har 70 Jed sib
6 Hok 80 Paed sib
7 Jed 90 Gao sib
8 Paed 100 Nueng roi
9 Gao 200 Song roi
10 Sib 1,000 Nueng pan

Once you have mastered from one to ten, the rest is easy.

Number’s Unit – 10: Sib, 100: Roi, 1,000 Pan, 10,000: Muen, 100,000: Saen, 1,000,000: Laan

Example- 21: Yee sib et, 22: Yee sib song, 23: Yee sib saam, 30: Sam sib et, 32: Saam sib song, 45: See Sib har, 57: Har sib jed, 63: Hok sib saam, 71: Jed sib et, 89: Pad sib gao, 98: Gao sib paed, 1200: Nueng pan song soi, 1,312: Nueng pan sam roi sib song

From the above example I hope you can pretty much combine the unit with the numbers.

Are you going to eat here or take away? Gin tee nee reu glub baan
Eat here Gin tee nee
Take away Glub baan
Can I have more please? Khor eak dai mai
Can I have an extra plate? Khor Jaan plao neung bai
Clear the Table Geb jaan
Check bill Geb tung
Can I have a spoon (fork) please? Khor chorn (som) noi dai mai?
Delicious Aroi
Not Delicious Mai Aroi
Not Spicy Mai Ped
Can you recommend a good restaurant? Chuay neh nam pat tar karn dee dee hai noy dai mai
May I have the menu please? Kor doo rai garn ar harn noy dai mai
I don’t eat meat Pom (di chan) mai tarn neua
Waiter/Waitress Boy/kun
What do you recommend? mee arai nar tarn barng
What kind of seafood do you have? Mee ar harn ta ley arai barng
Keep the change Gehp ngern torn ow wai
Can I pay with this Credit Card? Jai duay bat krey dit dai mai
I’d like to pay Gehp ngern duay
I enjoyed it, thank you Pom (di chan) a roy mark korp kun
May I have a receipt? Kor bai seht rap ngern noy dai mai

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