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Courses available in: Korean, Spanish, and Mandarin. (Please inquire about other languages not listed)

The Medical Interpreting Program at the L.A. Institute of Translation and Interpretation introduces students to the nature of a medical interpreter’s job and to the areas that need to be mastered in order to obtain certification from the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters,

The school is registered with the International Medical Interpreters’ Association, so when you receive the 60-hour Medical interpreting Certificate, you are qualified to take the test with IMIA and become a nationally certified medical interpreter.

The Medical Interpretating Program at the L.A. Institute of Translation and Interpretation consists of 2 30-hour training quarters distributed as follows:

Quarter 1: Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation (30 hours)

There are three interpretation modes: Simultaneous and Consecutive interpretation, and Sight translation. The first two occur when an interpreter either speaks simultaneously as the source language speaker (with a 3 to 4 second margin), or interprets a speaker’s words after a statement has been said. In a medical environment, an interpreter can use either one or both modes as the appointment develops, and depending on the need of the moment.

This quarter consists 10 weekly evening classes (Tuesday, 7:00 to10:00 pm) and introduces students to these two interpretation modes through different exercises and methodologies helpful for the acquisition of the necessary skills, techniques, and medical terminology.

Students will use “The Interpreter’s Rx,” a medical terms dictionary, and


Quarter 2: Sight Translation & Review of Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation (30 hours)

Sight translation consists of orally translating an English document into another language and viceversa.

This quarter consists 10 weekly evening classes (Tuesday, 7:00 to10:00 pm) and introduces students to sight translation exercises from English to Spanish, as well as to the medical terminology used in the different settings a medical interpreter works. The documents that interpreters must sight translate range from simple medical forms to complex evaluations.

The materials and texts used during this quarter, combined with the acquisition of new medical terms, are designed to help students become familiar with sight translation and to learn the techniques needed to tackle this area.


Program Materials (ACEBO)

  • The Interpreter’s Rx
  • Medical Terminology Dictionary (English-Spanish)

To buy the book, visit:

Additional reference materials:

  • CHIA California Standards for Healthcare Interpreters
  • IMIA Code of Ethics for Medical Interpreters
  • IMIA Medical Interpreting Standards of Practice


Certificate and Attendance Requirements:

To obtain the Spanish Healthcare Interpretation Program Certificate, each student has to obtain a minimum average passing mark of C (60%) in both quarters.

This average mark is obtained from weekly class performance, one-on-one evaluations, role play practices, quizzes, and quarter final exams.

Since fluency in both English and Spanish is paramount for a medical interpreter, this will also be evaluated in the course of the program. Students who fail one quarter will be given one additional opportunity to make-up for the missing grades.

A minimum of 70% attendance is required to pass each quarter. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

If a student fails the make-up opportunity, or fails to attend a minimum of 70% of the classes, he/she will have to retake such quarter and complete the graduation process within a 1-year time frame from the moment he/she first registered in the program. Failing to do so will result in the student not being granted the certificate.


Tuition: $490 per quarter (10-week course).  One time registration fee $100.

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