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L.A. Translation Inc. is a language services company with headquarters in the United States and subsidiary offices in Argentina, China and Korea. It is a subsidiary of L.A. Institute of Translation and Interpretation which is a graduate school providing interpretation and translation in various languages. It is approved under the Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant foreign students. Today L.A. Institute offers a wide spectrum of language training and related services as follows.

Center for Translation and Interpretation
We provide premier translation and interpretation services with commitment to quality and on-time delivery. Our professors, top graduates and network of translators and interpreters will provide you with accurate and culturally appropriate translations each and every time.

M.A. in Translation and Interpretation
Our headquarters in Los Angeles, California provides M.A. in Translation and Interpretation, a two-year program requiring 48 units of study. The students are intensively trained in court, medical, administrative hearing translation and interpretation and are equipped to provide top quality service to clients.

1-year program in Translation and Interpretation: Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Arabic, Armenian
One year certificate program is to prepare the students to become certified by the State of California through 24 units of study. LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation provides intensive training in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Armenian.

English as Second Language instruction is provided for foreign students studying in the United States. A variety of course options include small group instruction, private immersion programs, and dynamic intercultural programs.

6-month Mission Language Training
L.A. has State of California Certified Interpreters in almost all languages, and LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation has a pool of those interpreters who are willing to provide customized language training for missionaries on Sabbatical, or those prospective missionaries.

Our Varied Translating & Interpretive Services

Our Services
At LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation, we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive translation and interpretive services in the Los Angeles
area. Whether you need a linguist for a special event or some translating for a meeting, our certified consultants can get the job done.

Interpretation Services

  • Conference calls
  • Business meetings
  • Legal, Medical and Administrative Hearing cases
  • Academic seminars

Translation Services

  • Business & legal documents
  • Patents
  • Academic, scientific, & governmental translation
  • Web site localization
  • Certified Translation for INS
  • Manuals

Consulting Services

  • Cultural consulting
  • International business intermediation
  • Business seminar coordination

We are working on bringing you the best in multimedia services related to translation and interpretation as well. Please check back to this Web site for details. In the meantime, feel free to call LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation for more information on any of our other services. We look forward to serving you!

For excellent translation and interpretation services, contact
LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation today.

Rates:  $.15 -.32 per word for translation

$250-$450 for certified interpretation up to 3 hours

and $500-$900 up to 6 hours

We are open Monday – Friday

9-6 pm Pacific Standard Time

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LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation

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