Medical interpreter as promising job for 2015

“Obama Care requires “free medical interpreter”, so the demand for medical interpreter will increase rapidly, “ says Jenny Park (Certified Court/Medical Interpreter) of   LA Translation and Interpretation Inc. says.

Obama care will provide opportunities for the low income families who could not afford health insurance before, and small businesses will be required to provide health insurance for employees, so the number of non-English speaking patients getting insurance will rapidly increase.  Patient Care and Affordable Care Act which passed in March, 2013  has $940-billion budget allocated to it, and about 44-million more people will have insurances from 2014, and a half of them will be immigrants requiring medical interpreters.  And many states passed laws to require having medical interpreters in all the hospitals, mental institutions and emergency wards.

“If you are bilingual, you can have a dream job by acquiring a certified medical interpreter license. “  You can make $50-$100 an hour while helping non-English speaking immigrants.  You can  be employed full time at a big hospital, and can also work as a free lancer.

Currently, the way to become a medical certified interpreter is to be “nationally certified” through a national accreditation organization.  “The State of California used to have a certification test for medical interpreters, but no more, and from 2010 there has been national certification tests,” explains Dr. Park.

You need to submit a Certificate of 40-hour Training in Medical Interpreting to take the test.

“LA Translation and Interpretation , Inc. has produced numerous court interpreters, is approved by the state government and approved to enroll foreign students by the federal government, and is registered to provide a Certificate of  40-hour training in medical interpreting.”

After acquiring the Certificate, a student has to take the written and oral test. If you pass the test, you have a nationally certified medical interpreter license.   Then you will be re-certified every 5 years

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