Translating Service(s)

Editing, Proofreading, Translating



Computer Equipment Used



20+ Years

Areas of Specialization

Arts and Humanities, Literature-poetry, Religion, Business, Advertising & public relations
Marketing, Real estate, Travel & tourism, Entertainment, Theater, Law, Personal injury law

Medicine, Health care, Social Sciences, Education, Immigration, International development

 Additional Information

M.A. in International Relations (Moscow Int’l Relations Institute). Diplomatic interpreter (USSR Foreign Ministry). Multilingual translator & editor for 11 years at COMECON (the East European equivalent of the European Common Market). Member of Soviet Writers Guild. In USA since 1978. Translated for the US State Dept, Library of Congress, the SBA, banks, law firms, etc.

Native Language


Language Combinations

Russian into English , Polish into English , Ukrainian into English , Serbian into English
Croatian into English , Bosnian into English

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