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Tagalog is the most important of the many tongues and widely understood as it is the most developed by contact with foreign mains.  Spoken by over ten million in busy cities, islands, and provinces, it is also generally understood by many far beyond its own territory.  Tagalog is a truly unique growth potential. This calls for the high demand of Tagalog translators converting the English language into Tagalog or Arabic into English.

The LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation can respond effectively and quickly to your Tagalog Translation needs. The professional Tagalog experts who are certified by the State of California in Court, Administrative Hearing, and Medical have had over 20 years of experience.  Each of our team members were selected based on their experience, language proficiency, the quality of their work and professional credentials and is also tested in his/her language combination and field before assignment.  Our Tagalog translation team provides professional service in translating from English to Tagalog and Tagalog to English for various areas of specialization including:

Certified Translation for INS E-commerce & Web Content
Patents Corporate affairs
Software & Web sites Media
Legal documents Transcription
Advertising & marketing Manuals
Training materials Medical & Pharmaceutical
Mortgage contracts Real Estate documents


Our Tagalog Interpreters and Translators provide congenial and professional service, meeting the demand of high quality that only professionals can give.  Our Tagalog translators work very hard to ensure that the translation fits your brief guarantying a consistent global solution.

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