Peter Johansson

Swedish Translator – Peter Johansson

Peter Johansson
Translation (English-Swedish, Swedish-English).
Editing, proofreading.
Copy writing.

Contact and billing information:

Nationality and mother tongue:

Translation, per source word: varies
Proofreading/editing, per source word: varies

Copywriting, per hour: varies (Swedish and English)
Subtitling (including translation), per minute:  varies (Swedish and English)
Subtitling (including translation), per source word:  varies (Swedish and English)
– Almost everything is negotiable to a certain degree; it all depends on the circumstances.

Software, formats:
Everything Microsoft, Everything Adobe, InDesign, WordFast, various subtitling programs.

August -91 – June -94                       Computer Science, Bachelor’s degree. (Umeå University, Sweden)


July -86 – April -88                             Nurses’ Aid. (Borås Hospice)

May -88 – July -91                              Nurse. (Borås Hospice & Borås Hospital Emergency Ward)

July -94 – May -95                              Part time teacher (C++ and Pascal) and part time translator of school rules and regulations. (Umeå University)

May -95 – March -96                          Copy writer and translator at an advertising firm specializing in medical equipment. (Ad Astra, Gothenburg)

April -96 – July -00                             Ran my own Writing and Translation agency. (Word Exchange, Borås)

August -98 – December -07                Employed by Ericsson Microwave, mainly as a writer/translator but also as a part time Process manager, Tactical Distributions Manager, Customer Logistics Manager and finally as CLM Training coordinator and Super User. (Borås)

January -08 – …                                  Full time freelance translator and writer. (Borås)


Work history & Translation experience incl. fields of specialization:

– Press releases, newsletters and correspondence on a fairly basic level. (Translation and/or writing, (Swedish to) English)
– Training manual for Microwave radio installation, advanced. (Translation, Swedish to English)
– Product catalogue for Microwave radio equipment, advanced. (Translation, Swedish to English)
– Transcription and/or subtitling of numerous news, information and instruction videos. (English and Swedish)

SAP (Sales and Distribution module):
– Numerous work instructions on how to order different types of transmission equipment. (Writing, English)
– Co-writer and translator of training material for SAP order processing. (Translation and writing, (Swedish to) English)
– Teacher and CLM training coordinator for SAP order processing. (Swedish and English)

– Two years as a Tactical Distributions Manager at Ericsson. Main focus on developing cooperation with Distribution Service Providers (DHL, for instance), but also on reducing transportation costs.

– One year of teaching C++ and Pascal at Umeå University.
– User manuals for several Ericsson-specific applications. (Translation, Swedish to English)

– Two-hour job interview for Ericsson Microwave, subsequently translated into Swedish as well.
– 6 one-hour educational videos transcribed and subtitled for SAAB Automobil.

– Subtitling of numerous internal Ericsson webcasts.
– Proofreading and editing of English dialogue in several Swedish scripts made for both television and cinema.

– Currently involved with the Swedish localization of Responsible for answering all Swedish feedback as well as regular quality controls of functionality, text and text layout. Every new release also involves going through specific test scripts.
– Localization of
– Swedish localization of the Full Tilt Poker website. Includes translation and proofreading of text for web pages, subtitles for instruction videos and in-game text. Ongoing.
– Swedish translator for iPhone apps, including 6 games.
– Swedish translator for Cisco’s WebEx localization team. Ongoing.


– Translation and testing of numerous games aimed at teenagers and younger, including Dream cars, Lovely Kitchen, Avenue Flo among others. Ongoing.
–  Translation of a World Cup 2010 mobile phone game for Sintaxis.

– Swedish translation of English news articles relating to football ( Ongoing
– Swedish translation of (print) football magazine ONE-NIL. Ongoing

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