Swedish translator Jonas

Swedish Translator – Jonas

I am a freelance translator and proofreader from Sweden that translates mainly from Finnish and English into Swedish, but also from Norwegian and from German (I have studied German for 6 years) into Swedish. I have 4 years of experience.

I have a bachelor´s degree and have worked in both the dental-, technology- and IT and Telecommunications business. At the present I am studying Business.

I am a fast and a dedicated translator.


Dental technicion bachelor´s degree  180 ect. Umeå University Sweden

Business school/economics 75 ect. Luleå University Sweden

Sience of law 30 ect. Umeå University Sweden

Work experience

Hennes & Mauritz cashier.

It –support.

Dental technicion

Telecommunication. Swedish, English, Finish

Translation of different dental articles.

Translation finances texts. German to Swedish

User manual for laboratory equipment(5000 words). Eng – Swe

Website for a company (5000 words). Eng/Fin – Swe

A manual for global mobile phone manufacturer (10 000 words). Eng – Swe,

A diet program( 37.000 words). Eng – Finnish and Swedish

Dating site (3000 words) Eng- Finnish and Swedish

Language skills.

Native Swedish

Native Finish


German (6 years of studies)


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