Irene Peet

Swedish Translator – Irene Peet


2000-present              Technicolor Burbank, CASubtitling, Reformatting, Spotting, Swedish Translations, freelance

  • DVD International, Home video

Clientele: Walt Disney, Fox, Universal, Warner Bros. etc.

2008-present               Bug Tracker La Vecinet, France

  • Video Games

2005-present           Certified Translations South Carolina, USA

  • Manuals for Torches
  • Company Surveys
  • General Translations, legal translations
2008- present             Lingotek USA

  • Software Programs
  • Consumer Surveys

2008 – present   Translation Source

  • Accounting System Software
  • Online Surveys

2006-present             World Works Counseling Beverly Hills, CA

  • Web site translations; Nissan GTR
  • AMO; High Technical Medical Devices
2002 –present              JBI North Hollywood, CATranslations, Voice Overs

  • Verbal and  Written Translations
  • Voiceovers; Corporate, Software

2000-present                   Crest National Hollywood, CA

Subtitling, Spotting, Swedish Translations, freelance

  • Features (Translations): About A Boy, S1MONE etc
  • Clientele: Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Bros.

2003-present                  Vitac North Hollywood,  CA

  • Features: DVD International, Home video
  • Clientele: Walt Disney, Fox
  • Translations: The Osbournes, Bill Hicks etc.
  • Subtitling

2004- present                GBC Florida, USA

  • American Express
  • Various Translation Projects

2003-present                    Translation One Utah, USA

Swedish Translations

  • Consumer Products

2003-present                 Visual Data Burbank, CA

  • Translations; Features: Ingmar Bergman’s “The Passions of Anna” and medical surveys.
  • Subtitling

2003-present              Continental Interpreting Service     CA, USA

  • Legal Interpretation

2003-present              Skansa France

  • Translation/Proofreading

2003-present         Transperfect Utah, USA

  • Depositions
  • Translations; Tyco Sprinkler Systems, Media reviews etc.
  • Supervision: Toyota

2002-present          Worldwide Translations

  • Technical Manuals
  • Consumer Products: Various

2004-present             Atlas Glendale, CA

n  Reference Letters

n  Consumer Products

2003-present             English League                CA

n  Legal Translations; Contracts, Law Suits etc

2004-present                JR POST Burbank, CA

  • Translations
  • Spotting
  • Simulation
  • Proofreading/QC

2004-present                    Echo International Pennsylvania,  USA

  • Legal Translations
  • Technical Translations; Edgetech etc

2003 -present  Gobal Language Transl, Inc Washington DC, USA

  • Proofreading
  • General Translations

2004-present                Cinemagnetics North Hollywood, CA

  • Features: AVATAR, Wolverine and other major US features
  • Proofreading/QC/Translations
  • Subtitling


2003-present                    Tongue Tied UK

  • Web site Translations

2005-present                     LLE

  • Telephone Interpretation: immigration, medical assistance, insurance matters, police reports, credit card fraud or other matters, etc
  • Various translation projects
  • Voice Over – various

2005-present                   MasterWord

  • Various translation projects

2004-present                   Visual Sound Hollywood, CA

  • Documentaries: Madonna’s Documentary etc.
  • Features: The Anchorman, Hawaii Oslo etc.
  • Music: Madonna In Wimbledon including bonus material

2005-present                      Als, Inc.

  • Legal Translations for the US Government

2005-present                       Lingua Vitae

  • Various translation projects

2005-present                      Iprobe New York

  • Consultation
  • Supervision; Subtitling and Translation projects
  • Various translation projects

2005-present                       Inlingua

  • Various translation projects

2005 – present            Language Intelligence

  • Consumer products
  • Surveys
  • Various Translations


2007– present GM Voices

  • Voice Overs; Allied Tesis, Sphere Communications, VioCall Voice Mail, Mitel, Microsoft etc.



  • Voice-Overs – Commercials
  • Translations: Entourage, Big Love, The Pacific, Bored to Death, How to Make it In America, and other HBO shows.


  • Manuals
  • Consumer Products


2008-present      LANGUAGE CONNECT UK

  • Voice Overs, WoundAssist voice over (medical) etc


2006-present      ACTION TRANSLATION USA

  • Software Programs, OpenPeak User Interface etc

2008-present     WALSH MEDIA

  • Voice Over for Microsoft

2009-present       ELOQUENZIA

  • On-going translations for Apple, Facebook, ITunes

2010-present      MYSPACE INC.

  • On-going translation work for MySpace

Other agencies I work for: 3Translate, In Other Words, Dynamic Language Center, Global Accents, Amerolink, Assist Translations, Bowne Global, Certified Translations, Coto Translates, CP Language Institute, Language Services International, Language-Bank, Morningside Translations, P-a-c-e, Paen, Tennessee Foreign Language Inst., Text Appeal, Transwell, Warpwise, Wilandbell productions, Medialocate, AP Translations, Rugulus Group, Luz, Language People, Alanguagebank, Aardvark Translations, Metroavonline (Voice Overs), Skansa, Translationbooth, Van Kirk Media, Warwick Media, WB Ltd, RJG Translations, Local Concept, Lingua Vitae, Languatek, Als International, JRG Studios (Voice Overs), Global Languages & Cultures, Dynamic Language Center, Global Language Communications, Atlas, Als, G3, Akorbi, APEX, Betmar, Corporate Translations, Echo International, GDR, Global LT, Language Training Center, Lingualinx, Local Speak, Multilingues 21, New Global, Nordtext, One World, PA Translations, Sky Translations, Translate Express, Translation Express, Translation Solutions, Bochert Translations, WordExpress, Translation Dynamo, tourism (San Fransisco), SDI USA (subtitling, movie translations), Aims Translation (Medical), Akura Centoservizi (Medical), Florence, Italy, Global Edge Solutions, ILanguage, Captions Inc., Agnew II Tech,


Google’s Digitalization of Books, The Iraqi Regime Vs. Oil  Companies, Sealed cases for The US Government, etc

  • Legal Documents; marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce papers, contracts etc.


  • Microsoft; Software Applications
  • Car Navigation Systems
  • Adobe Photo Shop
  • Various Telephone Answering Systems/Prompts
  • Frida (The Exchange Student) – Video Game
  • Classical Baby – HBO
  • Solectron – Corporate Video
  • Roto Smeet Utrecht  – Corporate  Video
  • VioCall Voice Mail
  • Corporate : Sphere Communications, Mitel, Oracle Corporations, etc
  • Medical


  • Language Door 2005-2006 – Encino
  • Private Swedish Lessons and Tutoring – Current


  • For Jennifer Garner for the TV series “Alias”.


BA in Music – MI, Los Angeles, USA.

AA in Economics – Kungsholmens Gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden.

Subtitling – Captions Inc.




  • Trados Suite 2009, SDLX,



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