Spanish Translator – Silvina


Languages: Spanish Translation, Spanish to English, English to Spanish


  • First Certificate in English – University of Cambridge (1990)
  • Certificate in Advanced English – Oxford Examinations – University of Cambridge (1992)
  • Teacher of French (Rosario, Superior Teaching Institute “Olga Cossettini” – 1992)
  • English Teacher (Rosario, Argentina – 1993)
  • Brazilian Portuguese course: graduate (Rosario, Argentina – 1993)
  • Technical, Scientific and Literary Translator (English, & Brazilian Portuguese): BA degree  (Rosario, Argentina – 1994)
  • Sworn Translator (Rosario, Argentina 1995)
  • Linguistics contribution to translation (1995)
  • French Technical & Scientific Translator: BA Degree (Rosario, Center of Superior Teaching for French Language – 1995)
  • Trainee in Technical Translation for Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese (Rosario, Argentina 1996)
  • Business Administration (Rosario, Argentina – 1997)
  • Translation Workshop on Financial Texts (Rosario, 1997)
  • 6º National Congress for Teachers of French Language (Rosario, Humanities & Arts College)
  • Brazilian Portuguese Teacher – (Rosario, 1998)
  • Seminar “Quality Control in Translation” (AATI – 1998)
  • Seminar “Translation of technical texts and some of its difficulties” (AATI – 1998)
  • Seminar “Quality and Standards in Translation at an International Level” (Rosario, 1999)
  • Seminar “Introduction to Quality Control” (LMI, Argentina – 1999)
  • “Grammar & Speech” course (Buenos Aires, Cultural Service of France Embassy)
  • “DELF Preparation & Assessment” Seminar (Rosario, French Alliance)
  • Brazilian Language & Culture (Fundación Centro de Estudios Brasileños – 1999)
  • Seminar “Rosario – Traducción 99” (Berlitz GlobalNet, Argentina – 1999)
  • Editing, QA (Quality Assurance) courses and a QC Training Course (Proof-reading).
  • Intensive interactive courses about Translation Memory Tools (Trados) and software localization (UI, Help, web site, codes and symbols, etc). (1999-2000)
  • Reading Initiation / Comprehension of Texts (Rosario, French Alliance)
  • 1º Congress for Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese Translators / Teachers (Facultad de Humanidades y Artes – UNR – 2000)
  • Seminar “English for Accounting” (C.T.P.B.A. – 2000)
  • Workshop “Legal translation and language: legal translations from English into Spanish & Portuguese: Problems and Solutions” (C.T.P.B.A. – 2001)
  • Workshop “Overview of Financial English and Capital Markets” (Public Translators College – 2001)
  • Língua e Cultura Portuguesas para Estrangeiros – (Facultad de Letras – 2001)
  • First and Second Workshop on Literary Translation (2002)
    • Many Language Courses attended at the “Colegio de Traductores de Santa Fe – 2º circunscripción and Colegio de Traductores de Buenos Aires” (2003).
      – Workshop: “Comparing Structures (English-Spanish): Texts Analysis”
      – Workshop: “The translated Bestseller”. By Lawrence Venuti (Temple University).
      – Workshop: “Medical/Pharma. Terms: How to deal with this special topic”, Dr. P. Henneken.
      – Workshop: “Translation Analysis”. Prof. Pascual Masullo (Universidad del Comahue).
      – Workshop: “Translations, Common mistakes and their Correction”. By Prof. Leandro Wolfson.
      – Workshop: “Medical Translations, Medical Translation of Texts Written in English/French/Portuguese/Spanish: Problems and Possible Solutions”, by Prof. R. Chiesa.
      – Workshop: “A Tradução das Marcas Culturais: deteção, interpretação e tradução”. Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas “Juan Ramón Fernández”. Buenos Aires. Argentina.
    • Various courses on linguistics and topics related to translation (2004)
    • III Congreso Internacional de la Lengua Española (Rosario, 2004)
    • Jornada Internacional de Traducción en Adhesión al Congreso Internacional de la Lengua Española (Rosario, 2004)
    • Regional Meeting on Technical English (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional –

Buenos Aires) 2005

  • Course on Technical English – Comprehensive Approach (Universidad

Tecnológica Nacional – Córdoba) 2005

  • Course on English Applied to Engineering (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional –

Buenos Aires) 2005

  • Iberoamerican Symposium on Terminology (As a member of RITerm, Red

Iberoamericana de Terminología – Unione Latine – Paris – Buenos Aires) 2006

  • Congress of Pedagogy, Technology and Information – Ministry of Education –

Province of Santa Fe (Rosario) 2006

  • First Seminar on Terminology and Mercosur  “Lexical Resources for Terminology” – Universidad de San Miguel  – 2006
  • Congress of International Foreign Relationships and Educating Cities, Latin American Bureau  – 2007
  • Second Argentine Congress of Professional Updating

“Translation – Interpreting” organized by the Federación Argentina de Traductores

Rosario, 2007

  • Hispanic American Symposium on Literary Translation. 2008
  • XIX National Symposium on Classical Studies.  2008
  • III Congress of the Spanish Language. “Linguistic Identity and Globalization”.2008
  • Internal Conference on Translation, 2008
  • Specialization in Translation of Medical Texts. Faculty of Medicine. National University of Rosario. 2009
  • Workshop on Medical Translation. ICON Translation Services.  2009
  • Second Conference on Professional Updating. FAT (Argentinean Federation of Translators). 2009
  • Workshop on Software Localization. Translators Association of the Province of Santa Fe. 2009
  • On-going training in legal (sworn), technical and scientific translations

For 16 years I have been working as a translator, editor and proofreader and therefore I have obtained background and experience in the following fields and tools:


–  Computers: General; Software Localization (UI, help files, computer & video games, websites/HTML, software strings, manuals and license agreements); Computer Hardware; Semiconductors  & Computer Systems analysis

–  Business: General; Financing & Banking; Accounting & Auditing; Advertising & Public Relations; Hotel Management; Insurance, Labour Relations; Marketing; Printing & Publishing; Real Estate; Stock Market; SAP; Tourism & Travel

–  Arts & Humanities: General; Architecture; Gastronomy; Journalism; Literature; Photography; Astronomy; Veterinary Science; Astrology; Religion; Math

– Law: General; Banking & Financial Law; Contracts; Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights; Tax Law; Agreements in General, Last Wills, Claims, Suits, Assignments, Bylaws, Acts, Trademarks, Registrations, Certificates of Pharmaceutical Products, Certificates of Good Manufacturing Practices, Powers of Attorney, Articles of Incorporation, Memoranda of Association, etc.

–  Medicine: General; Health Care; Nutrition; Chemistry; Dentistry; Pharmacy; Science; Microbiology, Clinical Studies, Test Reports and Methods, Medical Manuals, Drug Submission Applications, Quality Control Analysis Certificates, Product Analysis Methods, Product Specifications, Labels, Formulas and Permits for Sanitary Approval by Local Authorities

–  SAP & ERP: Systems and Modules (Instruments for Finance: General Ledger – Accounts Receivable; Accounts Payable – Fixed Assets – Treasure Management – Cost Control & Planning; Instruments for Manufacturing & Logistics: Production Planning – Materials Management – Project Management – Plant Maintenance – Warehouse Management – Transportation Management; Instruments for Human Resources: Payroll – Self-Service HR – HR Administration; etc.)

–  Engineering: General; Chemical; Civil & Hydraulic; Electrical; Industrial; Mechanical; Nuclear & Petroleum

–  Entertainment: General; Multimedia; Music; Television & Radio; Sports

–  Industry & Technology: General; Automotive Industry; Aviation Industry; Building & Construction; Cosmetics; Electronics; Energy; Glass & Ceramics; Machinery & Tools; Mining & Minerals; Forestry; Paper & Pulp; Plastics & Rubber; Metallurgy; Steelmaking; Agriculture; Telecommunications; Textile & Fashion; Transportation

–  Social sciences: General; Education; International development; Political science; Sociology; History: Anthropology & Ethnology

–  Wide knowledge of other subjects


Hardware: AMD Semprom 2600+, Mother ASUS A7V600-X+SON 5,1 agp 8X; H.DISK 80 GB  7200 RPM, DDR 523 MB/400, Drive 1,44; Cabinet Kit with 4 colour bays, CD Recorder, DVD Recorder OEM 16x with 2 printers: HP LaserJet 4000 printer and Epson Stylus C63

  • Translation Memory tools: Trados Workbench; SDLX; Wordfast; DejaVú; Idiom Workbench
  • Windows environment (Professional Office)
  • FrameMaker
  • PageMaker
  • Adobe Acrobat Writer (with PDF Extractor)
  • OmniPage 12
  • AbbyFine Reader
  • QuarkXpress
  • FrontPage
  • Resource and dialog fields
  • Visio
  • Corel Draw
  • Alchemyst Catalyst
  • Photoshop
  • Multiterm
  • Digital Dictionary
  • Winzip / Winrar
  • Internet access: Optical Fiber
  • Scanner and Fax machine
  • Team work with other translators on large projects (2 months or more).
  • Leading of translation teams.
  • Works with on-line glossaries.
  • Experience, promptness, quality and reliability
  • Daily output: about 2,500+ words

Special skills

  • Team work with other translators on large projects (2 months or more).
  • Leading of translation teams.
  • Works with on-line glossaries.
  • Experience, promptness, quality and reliability
  • Daily output: about 2,500+ words

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