1993–2009 English<>Spanish Translator and Interpreter.


  • 2002–2004 English<>Spanish Translator and Interpreter, UK.
  • 1998–2004 Specialized Medical Audio-typing, UK.
  • 1999–2003 Visiting Lecturer in Interpreting.
  • (2002-2003) University of Westminster, UK.
  • 1998–2004 Telephone Market Research in English and Spanish, UK.
  • 1980–1991 Professional Staff, Bank of the Province of Río Negro, Argentina.
  • 1979–1991 Secondary School Teacher and English Teacher, Argentina.
  • 1973–1974 Professional Staff, National Animal Health Service, Argentina.
  • 1972–1973 Professional Staff, Pharmaceutical Hoechst Argentina SA.


Recent International Assignments

  • Meeting on Sustainable Development in Cardiff, Wales, UK, 22nd-25th of March 2004.
  • Meeting on the Sinking of the Prestige, Subsequent Environmental Damage, London, UK, 2004.
  • European Steel Industry Meeting, Leamington Spa, UK, 2004.
  • BBC. Several assignments related to the City and State Masses held in Madrid for Victims of the Terrorist Attack at Atocha on 11th of March 2004. White City, BBC, London, UK, 2004.
  • Meeting of European Breast Cancer Support Group, Copenhagen, Denmark, 25th-26th of September 2003.
  • Hearing in Maritime Court in Chancery Lane, London, UK, 23rd-24th of September 2003.
  • Purple Surgical. Seminar for European Representatives and Surgical Instrument Salesmen, Chelsea Football Club, London, UK, 16th-18th of September 2003.
  • Iberdrola. Seminar on Renewable Energy and Speech made by the Spanish Secretary of State Mr. José Folgado, Secretariat of Energy, Industrial Development and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, London, UK, 11th of July 2003.
  • Mexican Mission of the Police of the State of Mexico. Meetings with Scotland Yard and London Metropolitan Police, London, UK, 2002.
  • Meeting of Directors of State Broadcasting Organizations of Countries of the European Union, organized by the BBC in Edinburgh, UK, 5th-6th of September 2002.


Recent International Assignments

  • Sixth International Conference on New or Restored Democracies, 29th-31st of October and 1st of November 2006, in Doha, Qatar.


Recent International Assignments

  • II CIAD: The 2nd Conference of Intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora: San Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, 12th-14th of July 2006. Organized by the Brazilian Government, in close co-operation with the African Union, the purpose of CIAD II was to build on the achievements of the 1st conference of Intellectuals from Africa and the Diaspora (CIAD I), held in Dakar, Senegal, 6th-9th of October 2004. The conference, under the theme “The Diaspora and African Renaissance”, was officially opened by the President of the Republic of Brazil. Some African, Caribbean and South American Heads of State and Government were also there.
  • IV World Congress on Traumatic Stress: “Trauma and Community: Global Perspectives and Responses”, 21st-24th of June 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 1st International Forum on the Social Sciences – Policy Nexus:
    20th-24th of February 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Convened by UNESCO, jointly with the Governments of Argentina and Uruguay.
  • IV Summit of the Americas: “Creating Jobs to Fight Poverty and Strengthen Democratic Governance”, 4th-5th of November 2005, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
  • 2005 World Conference of the World Tourism Organization: “Tourism Satellite Account (TSA): Understanding Tourism and Designing Strategies”, 3rd-6th of October 2005. Iguazú, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Hosted by the Governments of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, it was attended by delegates from 80 countries.


  • 2006 Translating and the Computer 28 Conference, ASLIB, Kensington, London, UK, 16th-17th of November 2006.
  • 2006 The Sixth University of Portsmouth Translation Conference, Portsmouth, UK. Saturday, 11th of November 2006.
  • TransPerfect Linguist Certification: translation of English into Spanish in the following fields of Life Sciences: Patient Brochure, Health Insurance Forms and Public Health Information.
  • Attended the ATA 46th Annual Conference, 6th-9th of November 2005, Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • 2005 Online Postgraduate Certificate in Editing and Revising Technical Texts in English. Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain.
  • 2003 Bite size courses in summer 2003: proofreading, cv writing, role playing, web-page design, digital photography, London, UK
  • 2003 Professional Training Certificate in Sub-editing. London College of Printing & Distributive Trades, School of Printing and Publishing, Elephant and Castle, London SE1 6SB, UK, 30th-31st of July 2003.
  • 2002 Workshop on Scenario Planning. Speakers: Peter Dick, Clare Harris, Mike Purvis & Ben Bolland. Organized by ‘The Operational Research Society’ and hosted by Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK, 5th of December 2002.
  • 2002 The Second University of Portsmouth Translation Conference, Portsmouth, UK. Saturday, 16th November 2002.
  • 2002 Institute of Linguists, Translating and Interpreting Fair, University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London. 28th September 2002.
  • 2002 Successfully completed the Consortium for the Training of Translation Teachers ‘Translation Teacher’s Certificate’, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain. Research paper: Do interpreters also translate?
  • 2002 Institute of Linguists, Translating and Interpreting Fair, University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London, UK, 28th of September 2002.
  • 2001 Attended the ‘Training Seminar for Teachers of Translation’ at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain.
  • 2000 Attended and successfully completed the International Professional Program ‘Interpretation for Professionals’, University of California, USA.
  • 2000 UK Institute of Linguists, Pass in English>Spanish Semi-specialised Translation Exams: Technology and Science.
  • 1999 Distance learning in preparation for the Institute of Linguists’ Diploma in Translation with Susanne James Associates.


  • Member of ATA, AIIC, ADICA & ITI
  • 2008   NAATI Accreditation as Spanish > English Professional Translator.
  • 2007   AIIC Consultant Interpreter.
  • 2006   NAATI Accreditation as Senior Conference Interpreter.
  • 2000      UK Institute of Linguists, English>Spanish Semi-specialised Translation Exams: Technology and Science.
  • 1971      Veterinary Surgeon. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • ——      Qualified Primary School Teacher, Argentina.


  • Translation & Interpreting Day, 35th International Systemic Functional Congress, ISFC35, Macquarie University, 23rd of July 2008, Sydney, Australia.
  • 5th Language and Technology Conference, IMTT, 18th-20th of Aug. 2007, Arg.
    Translating and the Computer 28 ASLIB, 16th-17th of Nov. 2006, London, UK.
  • 6th Portsmouth University Translation Conference, 11th of November 2006, UK.
  • ATA 46th Annual Conference, 6th-9th of Nov. 2005, Seattle, Washington, USA.
  • 4th Translation & Interpretation Conference, 13th-15th of Aug. 2005, Córdoba, Arg.

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