2000      Master’s degree in Marketing and Sales Management   ESIC, Spain

1996      Bachelor of Science in Business Administration             Pepperdine University, CA USA


  Marketing Packaging, briefings, sales folders, research, websites, brochures, press releases, marketing 2.0. (Social Media)
Technical & IT Software, hardware, online help, training and user-interface message files
General Business Management presentations, HR documents, training manuals, economic information
Finance Financial sheets, financial news, audit reports, economic reports, financial internal reporting
Banking Banking internal communication, European laws, banking software
United Nations UN titles, descriptions, websites, documents, conferences
Food and tourism Websites, restaurant menus, recipes, hotel brochures, hotel management training


WORKING EXPERIENCE (In brackets language in which job was performed)

01/01-10/03 FINDUS SPAIN (Multinational Food Manufacturer)       Brand Manager (EN & ES), Spain

Foodservices division                                           2003

  • Developed Marketing plan and budget.
  • Developed and successfully launched 15 new SKUs (products.)
  • Developed briefings, questionnaires and analyzed results for Consumer and Product Research with expert panels and consumers (products, packaging, communication, habits and usages.)
  • Designed end-user communication (ads and press releases.)
  • Developed along with other European subsidiaries projects to launch products internationally.
  • Organized national and international fairs.

Retail division (including Private Label)   2001-2002

  • Designed packaging.
  • End-user communication (TV, press and PR campaigns.)
  • Analysis and reporting of Market data (Nielsen y TNS) to the Central Office in Sweden.
  • Worked with media intermediaries and international advertising agencies.
  • Developed Sales Force tools (catalogues, folders and technical brochures.)


2001                      FINDUS UK                                            Project Leader (EN), UK

  • Developed products and packaging.


11/98 – 12/00 DULCE GUAY (SME Cash & Carry)                              General Manager (ES), Spain

  • Developed and analyzed financial forecasts, marketing and commercial long-term plan.
  • Managed a group of 11 people.


10/97 – 05/98 CHUPA CHUPS (Multinational Candy Manufacturer)   Sales Promoter (ES), Spain

  • Merchandising Area Manager.
  • Field research for new launches.  Benchmarking.
  • Trained and supervised 27 sales people.


09/96 – 09/97 WELLS FARGO BANK (Commercial Bank)            Assistant Manager (EN), USA

  • Managed personal and corporate accounts.
  • Supervised 12 Bank Tellers.


06/96 – 08/96 A&T GOLDEN SERVICES (Investment Bank)        Currency Analyst (EN), USA

  • Analyzed international economic data and its effect on 4 major currencies.
  • Technical analysis of the currencies (charter.)
  • Forecasted short-term trends for the currencies.


01/95 – 12/95 MORGAN STANLEY (Investment Bank)                  Stockbroker Trainee (EN), USA

  • Internship (former Dean Witter)

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