1976   Educational Psychology Training, Instituto “Mariano Coronado”, San José, Costa Rica.

1981   Business Administration. Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica.



1981 – 1983  World Vision International

Simultaneous Interpreter for the organization´s training seminars

“Financial and Budget Manual” (250 pages)

1982 – 1992  Oppenheimer International Corporation, Mobile, Alabama, USA

Translation of technical manuals (into Sp)

Translation of field reports (into En, 175 pages)

1984 – 1986  Merck, Sharp & Donne, Costa Rica

Translation of product registration materials and weekly bulletins (250 pages)

1987 – 1991  Bufete Facio, Cañas & Asociados, San José, Costa Rica

Translation of legal contracts and documents (En-Sp & Sp-En, 125 pages)

1989 – 1992  Corporación Pipasa, Heredia, Costa Rica

Translation of the United States Meat and Poultry Regulations (En-Sp, 225 pages)

The Costa Rican Animal Health Law (Sp-Eng, 50 pages)

1993 – 2000  Tricorp, Inc., Mobile, Alabama

Translation of technical manuals (into Sp, 150 pages)

1996 – 1998  Stone Forestal, Inc, San José, Costa Rica

Translation of forestry management and ecology materials (225 pages)

2001 – 2006  Inter-American Institute on Disability and inclusive Development, San José, Costa Rica

Translation of articles for their By-monthly online publication disabilityworld@org

Translation of materials produced during the preparation of the UNO Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (En-Sp & Sp-En)

2007 – 2011  Japanese International Cooperation Agency

Simultaneous interpreter for their training seminars

Translation of training materials on disability, development and human rights (En-Sp & Sp-En, 275 pages)

2008 – 20010  World Health Organization

Translation of their Guidelines for Community-Based Rehabilitation (1st Version, 444 pages, 2nd Version, 385 pagers)

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