Language Pair:

English and Spanish



1981: One month English Language refreshing course in Bournemouth, England.

1989-1983: Certified Translator – English Language – School of Law – University of Buenos Aires.

1984: Consecutive Translation course.

1991 to 1995: Literature at the School of Philosophy and Literature of the University of Buenos Aires, specialized in Greek language, culture and literature.

1994-1995:  French reading comprehension course at the School of Philosophy and Literature of the University of Buenos Aires.

2005/2006:  Music Appreciation Classes

2006:   One-Year Course on History of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires.

1984 to 1992, part-time free-lance translation services to several Argentine companies and translation firms and agencies.

1992 to 1996, employed as a part-time translator by Alpargatas Argentina S.A., an Argentine  company engaged in the textile and footwear industry. Description of duties:  translation into Spanish of all the documentation relating to the issuance of debt notes by the company. Translation into English of all the documentation required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (financial statements, Shareholders’ Meeting’s Minutes, Board Minutes, notes to the Argentine Securities Commission (the “CNV”), notes to the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and corporate documentation in general).  Performance as an interpreter at the meetings held among the management personnel of the company and members of U.S. textile and footwear companies. During this period I continued working part time as a free-lance translator for Argentine companies and translation agencies and/or firms.

1996 to date full time free-lance translation services to companies, law firms, translation companies and agencies.

Areas of Expertise:

FINANCIAL: Capital Market, Public Offerings and Issuance of Securities; Offering Memorandums and similar documents; Out-Of-Court Settlement Agreements, Indentures, Trust Deeds, Trust Agreements; Dealer, Agency, Stock Purchase Agreements; Press Releases; Notes and Reports to be filed with the Argentine and foreign Securities Commissions, Stock Exchanges and similar entities.

CORPORATE AND ACCOUNTING: By-Laws and/or any other organizational documents, supplements and amendments thereto and related certificates; Board and Shareholders’ Meeting’s Minutes; Corporate reports;  Balance sheets and Financial Statements, Annual Report, Notes, Exhibits, Surveillance Committee’s and Auditor’s Reports; Bidding Terms and Conditions; Bidding documents; Promissory Notes; Intra-Company notes; General Correspondence.

LEGALContracts and Agreements of any kind, including, inter alia, Concession Agreements, Service Agreements, Works Agreements, Fees Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, etc;  Powers-of-Attorney; Legal Opinions; Personal Documentation (Birth, Marriage  and Death Certificates, Divorce Decrees, Certificates of Criminal Records, Analytical Certificate of Studies, Passports, etc.); Public Deeds; Migrations; Insurance, Court files and documents, Judgments, Arbitration awards, Laws, Decrees.

TECHNICALAgreements, contracts and documents relating to the Electricity, Oil, Gas, Satellite Communications, Construction, Textile and Footwear Industries and the Environment., Environmental Impact Studies, etc.

MISCELLANEOUS: Foreign Trade Documents and Foreign Exchange Agreements and Documents;  Swap Transactions; Newspaper articles concerning business and finance and National and International affairs.

ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Highly experienced in proofreading and markups and correction of style both in English and in Spanish.

ADDITIONAL COMMENT: I have worked with other translators in the translation of documents relating to almost all the public and private offerings of government and private bonds in Argentina and many privatization processes, especially relating to the energy, telecommunications and banking industry.

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