Summary of skills


  • Experienced in translating documents from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
  • Able to translate French and Portuguese into English or Spanish.
  • Translated a variety of documents from Spanish to English for inlingua in Austin, TX.
  • Translated a variety of documents from English to Spanish for Kirtland Elementary School in Albuquerque, NM.
  • Translated for non-profit organization First Cause.
  • Translated multiple self-written newsletters.


  • Able to interpret consecutively or simultaneously from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.
  • Interpreted consecutively and simultaneously between English and Spanish at Kirtland Elementary School in Albuquerque, NM.
  • Interpreted for Spanish and English speakers in bilingual context in Costa Rica.
  • Interpreted for missionary teams in Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

Spanish language

  • Undergraduate major in Latin American Studies-Spanish at Seattle Pacific University, including independent studies and internships.
  • Worked as an Educational Assistant at East San José Elementary School, a dual-language public school in Albuquerque, NM.
  • Traveled as a missionary to 8 Spanish-speaking countries, gaining experience in a variety of dialects and cultures. This includes 4 months in Costa Rica and 1.5 months in Venezuela.
  • Spoken at Spanish-speaking churches in Costa Rica, Texas, and Washington state.
  • Scored 5 (out of 5) on Advanced Placement Spanish Language exam.
  • Tutored Spanish to English-speakers at University level.
  • Led the Spanish table at Seattle Pacific University, a place for Spanish students to practice speaking.
  • Led Spanish-speaking Christian group on campus.

French language

  • Undergraduate minor in French at Seattle Pacific University.
  • Able to translate from French into English or Spanish.
  • Assisted a French professor at Seattle Pacific University in a beginning-level college French class.
  • Translated and edited legal documents from Quebec for American Language Services.

Portuguese language

  • Regularly reads Portuguese
  • Able to translate from Portuguese into English or Spanish.
  • Worked on a project for Imani Lee which included transcribing videos in Brazilian Portuguese, translating the transcription into English, and developing educational material.


  • Taken undergraduate credits in Linguistics, Biblical Hebrew, and Farsi (Persian).
  • Skilled at learning languages, as well as understanding and explaining language structures


Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA (GPA – 3.98)
Graduated June 2011

Related course work

  • Spanish/Latin American Studies:

Advanced Spanish Grammar, Composition and Conversation (Spanish), History of Latin America, Latin American Literature, Latin American Studies Capstone, Civilization and Culture of Spain, Spanish Golden Ages Literature, Spanish Independent Study, Spanish Tutorial Practicum, Spanish Internship

  • Other Language:

Foundations of Language Study, Translation, Intermediate French, Topics in Francophone Literature, French Arts, French Tutorial Practicum, Biblical Hebrew I, Farsi I (Washington Academy of Languages)



  • Top GPA of High School Graduating Class
  • Presidents’ Scholarship at Seattle Pacific University (for Academics)
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Seattle Pacific
  • Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges
  • Alpha Kappa Sigma (Honor Society among Free Methodist-affiliated colleges and universities)

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