Professional Experience:


MondoWide (1995-present): Language Solutions Company – Translations agency.

Position:         Owner

Main Tasks:    Project Manager and Coordinator – Lead Translator.

I have been involved in translation projects in the following areas, among others:

  • Software:       software localization, software manuals
  • Technical: Gas and Glass Industry, Aquiculture Oxygenation, Cryogenic Freezing, Welding, Label Pasting, pH Measuring Microprocessors, Waste Disposal and Soil Recovery, Static Control Products, MP3, Brachytherapy treatments, Vaccines, Bioethics, Telecommunications, Wide Band Data Transfer, Fiber Optics, Runway Building, Airport Infrastructure; etc.
  • Business: Company profiles and reports, Seminars for in-company training, Human Resources, ISO 9000-based courses/books, bids, Marketing Material, Conflict of Interest (Ethics), Environmental Protections in Companies, Health and Life Insurance, Web Pages.
  • Legal: Articles of Incorporation and by-laws, Contracts, Family Law, Joint Ventures, Copyrights, Degrees, Human Right material for the CELS (non-governmental organization), etc.
  • Other tasks:   Proofreading of other translators.

Translation Work for International Agencies:

  • One document – Spain (2012-currently): Studies on educational impact statement of several relocation proposals of the NYC Department of Education; Training material for Network Design and Optimization processes; SAP system platform translation
  • Compass Languages (2011-currently): bidding documents for preliminary and final design for light rail transit (LRT).
  • Inter Office – Israel (2007-currently): technical translations for Telecommunications companies – software solutions for Web-to-Mobile services, billing processes, CMR processes, among others.  Legal translations (contracts and warranties, bid documents).
  • Transoffice/ Office Service – Israel (2002-currently): technical translations for Telcel (telecommunications company), Telmex (telecommunications company), Amdocs (business software solutions company), Ror (networks), among others
  • ECT Ester Translations Limited – Israel (2004 – currently): technical and legal translations for telecommunications and software development companies, medicine and dentistry-related texts
  • PTSGI – Taipei (2009 – currently) – general, technical and legal translations
  • e-Verba – Argentina (2005-currently): literary, tourist, technical and legal translations.
  • Word-It – Argentina (2007- currently): legal and financial translations.
  • Compass Languages (2011-currently): project descriptions and presentations for transportation infrastructure projects, professional resume translations (technical work histories)
  • IT Translations – Spain (2008-2009): post editing of technical material
  • Translation Smart – US (2004-2008):
    • technical translations about: ACME manufacturing company machinery manuals,  , rock breakers (Qualcraft), among others
    • business translations: business process manuals, IDIS system (warranty processing system)
    • miscellaneous translations:
      • Ohio department of Health (book and video translation about                guidelines for sexual assault survivors)
      • Ohio State Lottery (information booklets and web page)
      • Indiana Department of State (Voter ID brochure, and other voter related material)
      • Bionicare: medical translations
      • Translations for Nestlé-Purina (pet food)
  • Witness – USA (2006-2007): translation of “Video for Change”, book on the use of video to document human rights abuses.
  • Aim Translations – US (2000 – 2004):
    • technical translations on belt conveyor systems, CNC cutting machinery, welding, resizing alligators (Alligator® Ready Set™ Staple Fastener System), Electronic Manuals, among others
    • business translations: Mc Donald’s business processes and corporate information, translations for Toyota company (corporate information), Professional Statistic Control Products, Conflict of Interest and Business Ethics Manual, company newsletters
    • medical translations: brachytherapy treatments, smoking material, vaccination material
  • Alden Translations – UK (2000-2003): export terms contracts, life insurance booklet, IMS e-survey; financial-markets monthly reviews
  • Eam Consultants – UK (2002): terms and conditions (different business contracts)
  • Langenscheidt KG – Denmark (2002): company web pages
  • Bowne Global Solutions – France and Ireland (2000-2002): privacy policies, terms and conditions contracts

Translation for different companies in Argentina:

  • Telecom Argentina (telecommunications company): bidding terms and conditions; technical specifications; service contracts
  • Latin American Nautilus (telecommunications company): bidding terms and conditions; technical specifications; service contracts
  • Alto Palermo Group (shopping malls): tourist-related information; service contracts
  • Interlenguas (language solutions company): financial and investment translations (for foreign banks); translation of a documentary film about Afro-Argentineans in fight, web pages, fashion merchandising and design, sales planning and control, among others
  • St. Andrews School: training seminar book and support video on sexuality
  • Toyota Argentina: business philosophy manuals, seminars, personnel documentation, company presentations
  • Aguas Argentinas: company presentations, technical manuals (water treatment), contract of distribution, among others
  • Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 S.A. (airport administrators): airport construction material, bidding terms and conditions, financial reports, business training seminars, general service contracts, among others
  • Lapa Argentina (Airline): bidding terms and conditions, aircraft rent contracts, powers of attorney
  • Yerevan Airport (Armenia): airport construction material, bidding terms and conditions, contracts with the government
  • Troquel Publishers: publishing agreements, books: Zen Cats, Enlightening Light, travel guides, Bulldog Samurai, Mindfulness and Meaningful Work, among others
  • e-verba (translation agency): drug cooperation agreement between Colombia and the US, books: The Adventures of a Schoolboy and The Powers of Mesmerism (erotic novels), among others
  • Shell Argentina: technical and business translations
  • Sideco Americana: Summer placement 1996 involving translation of bids for hydraulic plants.


Specialty Subjects:

Telecommunications, Engineering, Construction, Machinery, Law (Contracts and General), Business


Translation Software:

Trados 7, OTIS-trans 2.3


Education and Qualifications:

University Education:

¨      UCA  – Argentine Catholic University. Certified Translator Degree 1994

Major: Legal translations

¨      UADE – Universidad Argentina de la Empresa.  First year (completed) of the Public Relations Course of Studies.


Other Education:

¨      Course on translation of technical accounting terminology (Argentine Catholic University)

¨      Courses on legal translation at the Association of Certified Translators of the City of Buenos Aires (CPTBA)

¨      Seminars on Methodology (for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language)

¨      NLP Seminars (Buenos Aires University)

¨      Seminars on American and British Contemporary Literature

¨      Courses on ISO 9000 Standards.

¨      Courses on Management and Human Resources Management, within the frame of the ISO 9000 Standards

¨      Course on “Education of Educators”, (focused to in-training continuous training)  (CAEP – Argentine Center for Continuous Education) (Certified Trainer)

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