Word, Excel, Power Point (Ms Office 2010), Adobe Acrobat 9. (Typing 40 words/minute). SDL Lite. Throughput: 2500 words/day.

CAT TOOL: Wordfast Pro & Classic


Proz Pro Profile at:


  • Laboratorio de Genética Molecular (Colombia) Jun/2005 to Nov/2005 English Teacher and Translator. Translations on Genetics.
  • Química Internacional Ltda. (Colombia) Jun/2007, 2008 and 2009. Freelance Translator. Translations on legal tenders and business agreements to be submitted to INVIMA. Translation on BIOTEST medical equipment manuals regarding hemoglobin and immunology processes.
  • Becarri Traducciones Ltda. (Colombia) Feb/2008 to Jun/2008 and Dec/2008 to Jan/2009 Freelance Translator. Provide translations on Medical issues and Laboratory Procedures (B-Braun, Proactivos), Pharmacology issues, Civil Engineering, Aviation Engineering (French Company), Industrial Engineering, Cosmetic Chemical Compounds, Academic Transcripts and Grade Reports, Diplomas and Certificates, Apostilles, Essays, Audio Journalistic Interviews Transcription and Translation , among others.
  • Dr. Rafael Siado (Colombia) Aug/2009 Technical Translator. Translation on “No varicose GI bleeding” and endoscopic procedures. (50 pages).
  • HL Ingenieros (Colombia) Sep/2009 to Nov/2009 Consecutive Interpretation of commands and instructions given to the assembly operators of a dragline. Interpretation from English to Spanish and vice versa at a coal mine run by Drummond, CCC and PM. Technical terminology on draglines.
  • J. Salgado (Belgium) Aug/2009. Erandi 4 valves Specs. Civil Engineering. Translation into English.
  • Mrs. Carolina Ossa (Spain) Nov/2008 and Feb/2010, Dec/2011 Freelance Translator. Translations on several Psychology issues. Translation of a number of articles, April (15.940 words): ??Cerebral Cortex??, ??Mirror Neuron in Autism?? and ??mu suppression modulation??. (110 pages). Translation on Neuropsychological Therapies of a patient, English-Spanish-English (10 pages)
  • Ministerio de la Protección Social and Universidad Nacional de Colombia (IDH) Dec/2009 to Mar/2010, Aug/2011 Translation of AMA (American Medical Association) Guides, Sixth Edition, (702 pages), Also, PPT presentation (66 slides) by Dr. Randolph. Additionally, one hour CD transcription and translation on ‘Disability and Unemployment’ issued by Dr. David Randolph. Legacy INS letter.


  • Patricia Ortis (Belgium). Civil Engineering. Pumps. (10 pages). January/2010.
  • (India) Translation on conversational sentences in xls. Closed Caption. (1000 rows, 7300 words); May/2010.
  • Durman (Aliaxis) (Colombia). Civil Engineering. (‘Specs and Localization of Air Valves and Pressure Surges’). 32 pages. July/2010.
  • Rossies Enterprises (U.S.A.). Notary Public. School grades and school-leaving certificate. 4 pages. July/2010.
  • E. McAllister & Cia. Ltda (Colombia). Forklift Truck Specs and Safety Manual. August/2010. (14 pages).
  • Oscar Calderón (Colombia). Kiddie Lit. Literature. Chapter Five. (52 pages). August/2010. Little Women Review.
  • Castaway Ministry International (U.S.A.) Volunteer work. (13 pages). Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Maria Bolatti (Uruguay). 04:09 hour’s conversational transcription. September/2010.
  • Leslie Canizares (Switzerland). IT, eBook Specs (922 words).
  • Smart Translation (USA) Short proofreading of website on cereal
  • House of Transcription (Canada) 3.313 words translation from Spanish into English on concrete factory interview. Dec/2010
  • International Movement ATD Fourth World (France) Volunteer Work. Project Methodology Phases. 1.105 target words. Jan/2011.
  • Century Business Services Ltd. (UK) Mechanical Engineering (Patents). (11.200 words). July/2010. Web sites for translation companies (Earnest, KTS, Time, Century Business Services Ltd. G.I.T. Translations), Aug/2010. Loudspeakers user manual. Ingredients for cookies. Catalog on Muscle Stimulator Specs and Features. 3D Image Settings. Transcript of Record, Credits and Notes, Sep/2010. Aurum PSU instructions. Academic ESOL Achievement and Certificate. Nov/2010: Proofreading of PC Laptop Technical Specs Manual, IT and Network. Dec/2010: Biolyte 2000 Quick User Manual Translation (34 pages). TOEIC, CSEPT, JAK Disc Brake Set-up Guide, SBARK Shampoo Treatment, Supplier Quality Assurance Solution, PC Notebook Technical Manual Translation and Proofreading,. Statement of Purpose. Headset acoustic properties. Cloth wash directions. Linguistic Essay. Candy Properties. Pliers. Sanding Block and Hand Riveter. Spray Gun. Tube Cutter. Workbench and Scaffold Table. Criminal Record and Civil Registry Proofreading. Floor Hydraulic Jack Specs. Golf Rangefinder 200, 300, 500 Device Specs (17 pages, Feb/2011). Two Birth Certificates. Corporate Constitution Contract (9 pages). Boring and Milling Machines. March/2011. Birth and Police Clearance Certificates. Charger Indications. Magnetic Upright Bike Technical Specs. Work Safety Guidelines. Translation Kit Time Stamp (IT, 11 pages). April/2011: Cars Scooter, Skateboard, Trike Technical Specs. Plastic Chemical. Mini-Stepper, Air Die Grinder, Cleaning Gun, Ab Exerciser, Legal Background Certificate, Document Presenter, Impact and Motor Ratchet, Helmet Specs, Skype MK Strings. Mini-Cooper. Advantech Website Each Monthly Newsletter. Power. Synch Software Specs. Nutrition. Footwear legal. Software Strings (1250 xls lines). Gym machine specs. College Certificate. Scooter Specs. Microscope, Ophthalmoscope and Oxygen Concentrator Specs (11.507 source words). Sphygmomanometer Aug/2011. Pharmacology Procedures S.O.P., Spanish into English (6 week project) Sept/2011. Car cure. Translation certificates. Touch Screen Camera. Marriage certificate. Napkin Holder. UK Meat Production. Iphone headers. Water Pump Socket. Itsu Restaurant HR booklet. Recumbent bike. AUTOWAVE Bluetooth Car Series. Legal Documents. Oil Power Plant Document. Passport. Nov/2011. Diploma, Curriculum. Dec. TV1seg Specs. Plate and cup holder. Patio Heater. Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Statement, Feb/2012. Die Casting for Traffic Signals; Canine Anatomy, Mar/2012. Automotive Strings (3200 Excel lines x 2). Abr/2012, Scooter Specs and Owner’s Manual. GPS Antenna Specs. Legal and Technical Documents, May/2012. Fiber Optic Product Specs, June (5.600s/w).
  • Writec (Israel). Website content: Business and Finance, July/2010. (2 pages). Cortex Dental Implants (9500 source words), March/2011.
  • Academy of Translation (USA). Transcription and translation of audios verbatim (27 mins.) May/2011.
  • Icom Colombia Ltd. (Colombia). Translation of First Data Credit Card applications. (98 pages). May/2011.
  • TRD Translation & Language Services. LTD. (China) Automotive and Mechanics: SPX Excel Technical Specs Strings (58.450 lines), June/2011. Puzzle Kids Games. Aug/2011. SPX Excel Technical Specs Strings (29.737 lines), Sept. Tech Specs, Mar/Apr, 2012.
  • Wolfestone Translation Ltd. (UK) Medical Proofreading (Cosmesis Meeting) (38 Kb) Medical Translation (Patient filming) (2.1Kb)
  • Translapro (Mexico) Software, Gas turbines, Power Plants Specs.
  • Anakan GmbH (Germany) Proofreading of Game Master Text File, July/2011. Proofreading for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Game.
  • Englishbiz.4t (USA) Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Ministry Income Verification and Apostille.
  • Asiastar International Consultancy Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) Aviation Security. (several ppt and Word files)
  • Garboktrans (Spain) Income Report (2.612 target words), Mar/2012.
  • Oxford Outcomes (USA, Ireland) Proofreading of pharmacological document for ICON Clinical Research (Ireland) 10 hours, Feb/2012.
  • Freddy Olejua (Civil Engineer, Colombia) Translation of 200 pages on Masonry Building Rehabilitation and Others. Apr/May 2012.

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