Portuguese Translator – Sonia


Languages: Portuguese Translation, Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese


Since May 2007_Translator

Main activities: Translation, editing and proofreading of technical, literary, IT, tourism, culture, sports, education, marketing, advertising and general documents in English German, French and Spanish into Portuguese ( ca . 35.000 words).

From March until May 2007_Site content producer

Main activities: Preparation of Journalistic texts, translations, exterior reports and sport chronicles for the sports site www.camisola10.com .

From June until November 2006_Journalist

Main activities: Preparation of Journalistic texts, exterior reports and photographs at INTER Magazine, Professional Magazine of Hostelry and Restoration, and at www.chefesdecozinha.com.

Name of employer: Editor Edições do Gosto, Publicações Lda.

From August 2005 until May 2006_Promotion and marketing communication

Main activities: Preparation of press releases, news research; translation of English and Portuguese texts for www.ipmuseus.pt ; site content management; proofreading; contacts with journalists and in charge of press contacts database updated.

Name of employer: Portuguese Institute of Museums

From July 1999 till December 2000_Booking and Tickets Agent (dept. of Marketing)

Main activities: Agent’s helpdesk, bookings, refunds;

Name of employer: Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Education and training

September 2007 until July 2008

Master’s in Communication, Culture and Information Technologies

Issues on Communication and Culture, Communication and Politics, Institutional Communication, Sociology of Culture, Theories of  the Information Society, Information Systems and Technologies, Investigation Methods and Techniques in Social Sciences, Discursive Practices; Contemporary Art and Culture, Cultural Management and Intervention.

Name of organization providing education: Instituto Superior das Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa (Superior Institute of Work and Enterprise Sciences) Lisbon, Portugal

September 2007 until December 2007

Professional Training for Translators

Theoretical Approach of Translation (30H); Dictionaries and Glossaries, Terminology, Electronic Tools for Translators (18H);

Name of organisation providing education and training: CIAL- International Lingua Service in association with the Portuguese Translators Association

June and July 2007

Digital Journalism Atelier (80H)

Multimedia Grammar of sound and image (Sound Forge, Vegas and Photoshop), Online writing, Digital edition atelier.

Name and type of organisation providing education and training: CENJOR (Training for Journalists Centre in Lisbon , Portugal )

July 2004

Graduation in Modern Languages and Literature, English and German

Study of language and culture (Introduction to Linguistics, English and German Language, English Linguistics and History of the English Language); Approach to Literature as a branch of the Social Sciences (Introduction to Literary Studies, Theory of Literature and German Culture; German Linguistics [philosophy of language] and English Linguistics [functional grammar]); English and German works’ study in their cultural, political and social context (English and German Literature, North-American Culture and Literature and Contemporary Literature in German speaking countries).

Name of organisation providing education: Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon, Portugal

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