Portuguese Translator – Maria


Languages: Portuguese Translation, Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese

Academical Skills

2008     Continuous Training Course for TRAINERS (necessary for the TRAINER’s CERTIFICATE renewal) – Final grade: 19.

2007     Microsoft Scholar Program 2007 (Systems Engeneering – Networks and Servers)

2006     Business and Translation Italian Course (Camera di Commercio Italiana per il Portugallo)

2005     Computers Programming Course

2005     German Course (Goethe Institut)

2001/02   Translation Course (British Council’s Institute)

1995 Trainers’ Training Course (I.E.F.P.)

1998 Informatics Trainer Course

1996 Trainers’ Training Course (I.E.F.P.)

1995 Alliance Française Exam (4th Level)

1989     Poultry Breeding (Technician) Course

1989     Bachelor Degree in Animal Breeding (disciplines such as: Mathematics; Biology; Botanic; Mesology; Soils and Soil Fertility; Chemistry; Biochemistry; Anatomy; Genetics; Physiology; Parasithology; Nutrition; Facilities and Equipment; Hygiene and Health; Ethology; Reproduction and Lactation; General Agriculture; Economy; Agriculture Enterprise’s Management, etc.)

1983     First Certificate in English (British Council)

Professional Experience

2010                 Translation of the Guidelines to an e-learning platform (E-Academy)

2010                 English Teacher in Training Courses in areas such as “Planning and Managing Resources”, “Waitering and Room Services”, “Personal and Shop Assistant” (for Hotels, Casinos, a Wine Cellar, an energy trading company, etc).

2010                 Trainer of the e-learning platform “Escola Virtual” (Virtual School) from  the major Portuguese editor “Porto Editora”

2009                 Translation of “The Six Hats”, by Edward de Bono, Eureeka’s project for teaching students how to think (for Portugal’s schools)

2009                 Translation of the TEDx 2010 Lisbon Conference documents.

2009                 English and Computers teacher at AERLis (Lisbon’s Enterprises’ Association)

2008                 English teacher at the ENB (National Training School for Firemen)

2007                 Translation of a user’s guide about a sound device for cars

2007                 Translation of a consumers enquire for Peugeot

2007/8              English Course (Edusoft’s) teacher for a portuguese enterprise

2006                             Participation in the Exchange project (Austria) for Trainers sponsored by the Leonardo da Vinci’s Program

2006                 Trainer of Informatics for the Constellation Project (trainment for the rehabilitation of people with mental diseases)

2003/6              Freelance translator for translation offices in Germany (Medicine, Auto technology, Pharmaceutics)

2005                 Technician responsible for the recognition of Informatic skills at the Center of Validation, Recognition and Certification of Competences at Escola Secundária Sebastião e Silva

2004                            Interpreter for the Inquiries Department at the Ministério Público (Public Ministery)

2004                 Translator of an inquiry about today’s lymphoma therapies

2004                 Translator of the license demand for the usage of complements for animal nutrition

2003/4              Translator of leaflets with information for the use of some medicines

2001                 Free-lance translator of informatic systems components/software documentation for a Portuguese publisher of informatics magazines.

1992/2003         Translator (English/French/Spanish/Italian) of books, operation manuals and projects from areas such as:

–          Informatics

–          Services

–          Mechanic

–          Genetic

–          Psychology

–          Earth Sciences

–          Agriculture and Animal Farming

–          Biology and Botanic

–          Literature

–          Medicine

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