Portuguese Court Certified Interpreter – Zilda


Languages: Portuguese Translation, Portuguese to English, English to Portuguese

Professional: Court Certified Interpreter

Accreditation: State Approved in Simultaneous, Consecutive and Sight Interpreting by the

New York and New Jersey Administrative Offices of the Courts (Master level)

Language Proficiency Evaluator of Court Interpreting Candidates for the State of California

Experience: Simultaneous Interpreting

CONFERENCES/SEMINARS/ BUSINESS MEETINGS (I can also provide simultaneous equipment/booth and sound engineer for events as needed).

Most recent conference/simultaneous/interpreting assignments:

Environmental Defense Fund – Presentations by the US Senate and the US Department of Agriculture to the Amazon rainforest farmer’s association named “Land Alliance”. Subjects: climate change, agriculture, carbon trading and mitigation. Washington D.C. (Translation Agency: Multilingual Experts.  Contact: Brian Fryedl). August 2009.

Biomet Spine – International Spine Surgeon Meeting – Current Trends in Minimally Invasive Thoracolumbar/Cervical Spine Surgery. Biomet Headquarters, Whippany, NJ, USA (Translation Agency: Interpretation Audio Support. Contact: Don Young). May 2009

Latin America Renewable Energy Forum – Conference on alternative/sustainable energy options as an attempt to minimize climate change/environmental damages resulting from mainstream energy source consumption.  Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Translation Agency: Lingcom.  Contact: Paula Amatore). April 2009

Carbon Markets Americas – unlocking Latin America’s true carbon market potential – Use of land, forestry, biodiversity and different ecosystems as clean development mechanisms. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Translation Agency: Lingcom. Contact: Paula Amatore).  April 2009

Shering Plough Pharmaceuticals Conference– Laboratory quality, inventory control, manufacturing cycle reduction and improvement of sampling, testing, labeling and packaging processes of pharmaceutical products. Summit, NJ, USA. (Translation Agency: Transperfect Translations. Contact: Julia Rozin). January 2009.

Public Health and Climate Change: The Urban Policy Connection –sustainable energy use strategies for New York City, including speech by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg – Columbia University, New York City (Translation Agency: Legal Language Services.  Contact: Eileen Farrell). June 2008.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – Grants Policy Management Training Seminar – Sheraton Hotel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Translation Agency: The Mitchell Group.  Contact: Quintin Goff).  June 2008

New York Stock Exchange Presentation to High Profile Investors – Presentation by former Brazilian Minister of Finance – Mr. Malan, and the CEO of Brazilian Bank Unibanco – New York Stock Exchange, New York. (Client: I-Advize. Contact: Maria Barona).  December, 2007

Swiss Reinsurance Presentation to Bradesco Bank– Financial service presentation covering the following subjects, among others: Securitization and Syndication, Micro Insurance, Hedging, Risk Transfer, Annuities and Asset Management – Swiss Reinsurance Offices, New York, NY (Agency: CLS Communications Inc., Weehawken, NJ Contact: Maurizio Toria).  November, 2007

Consecutive Interpreting

Three day Seminar on IT Surveillance/Video Camera Software (Xprotect Milestone Products)Hilton Hotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Client: Security Consultants International.  Contact: Thomas Larsen). February, 2010

Two month consulting project for Transpetro (Brazilian oil transportation company) – visits to different oil terminals in Brazil (Client: Solomon Consulting, USA). – August – October 2008.

Depositions; Polygraph Test Interviews; International Arbitrations; Business Meetings and Negotiations; Marketing Focus Groups; Onsite Document/Contract Review and Translations.

Experience:                      Portuguese <> English Translations

Subjects: Legal, Judicial (Criminal, Civil and Family Law), Financial,                                             Advertisement, Marketing, Newspaper/Magazine Articles, General.

Latest documents translated: US Federal Court statutes related to drug trafficking;   Federal criminal case involving gambling corporations in the Portuguese speaking province of Macao;  Federal Court arraignments against drug defendants; Corporate Contracts; Cooling Tower Manuals; Statutes and regulations for elections in the Portuguese speaking province of Macao; London Metal Exchange transactions.

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