Japanese Translator and Interpreter – MICHAEL


Languages: Japanese


Specialties in:

Automotive Industry

Mechanical Engineering (Heat Transfer etc.)

Renewable Energy – Fuel Cells

General Engineering (Manuals, etc.)


Computer, IT, semiconductor

Freelance Translator: 6/2003 – Present

Automotive Technical Reports – very detailed

Patents (Automotive, Semiconductor, IT, Optical)

Automotive Manuals

Semiconductor Transportation Device Manuals

Fuel Cell related reports – technical material

Electronics – such as Digital Cameras, Cache Memory etc.

Extensive press release and related materials

Education and Credentials:

Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Arizona

Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University

We have Japanese translators and interpreters in Los Angeles, CA; Orange County, CA; New York, NY; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; Washington D.C.; Dallas, TX, Houston, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Newark, NJ; New Haven, CT; San Diego, CA; Seattle, WAUtah, UT; Vancouver, BC, Canada; Seoul, Korea; Beijing, China; Shanghai, China; Hangzhou, China; Hong Kong; Tokyo, Hiroshima Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Japan; Singapore ;Taipei, Taiwan; London, England; Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Sydney, Australia and in many more cities all over the world.

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