Hebrew Translator – Jonathan


Languages: Hebrew Translation, Hebrew to English, English to Hebrew


1972-1976 McGill University, Montreal, Canada: BA English


1978-2009       Member of Kibbutz Harel

1979-1981       IDF Service

1981-1983       Maintenance

1983-1989       Construction Manager

1989-1997       Turkey Farm Manager

1989-2002      Head of Security (Sergeant-Major in the Border Patrol)

2002-2009       Workplace Safety Trustee

1997-2004       Librarian Kibbutz Harel

1998-2009       Freelance translator Hebrew – English

Translation Experience:

3-98 5-98   Project in Telephony, English to Hebrew        .

7-98 12-08 Freelancer in translation, Hebrew to English, Rosetta, Protocol, Byron

12-98 8-00 Translator for Kibbutz Tamuz, the Center for Participatory Study

9-00 10-00 Dura-Europos Excavation Reports, English to Hebrew

1-01            Barbarosa’s First Victims: the Jews of Brest, English to Hebrew

1-02 2-02   Kfar Qasm verdict, Hebrew to English for the World Court, Hague [Bugel-Shunra]

1-2003        Two verdicts, Israeli District and Supreme Courts for US Translations, S. Ogden, Utah (Hague Convention).

9-03 3-04   Legal translation and editing (Warner Bros. vs. Golden Channels) for Access Language.com

7-04            Legal and police translations for a party in Washington DC [FBI]

1-05            Child custody verdict (Hague Convention).

9-05 à                   Labor Court verdicts

12-05          5 Supreme Court verdicts

Translation-Editing Experience:

3-01 8-01 Dissertation on Absorption of Immigrant Children

5-01          Dissertation on Medieval Church Art

5-02–present   Miscellaneous and Art-related articles

9-03 3-04 Translation and editing of legal material for Access Language.com

07-      08 Juristrans (Prague) legal editing

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