German Translator – Eric

German translator: Eric

Languages: German to English, English to German

Professional Experience 1989– 2005     Freelance TranslatorFreelance Translator and interpreter-  I have been involved in different projects dealing with technical issues such as automotive, computing, railway, electronic devices (including medical), legal texts, machinery, health and others.
Since 1995      Sommer Allibert Industrie/Faurecia       Palmela – PortugalGerman & English translator-  Translated all kinds of technical documents including legal contracts, standards (TL, PV, DIN, etc.) for the assembly line and manufacturing processes at Faurecia – a Q1 supplier of the VW-Ford joint venture AUTOEUROPA in Palmela – Portugal.
Since 2001      KWD – PortugalGerman & English translator-  Translated all kinds of technical documents including standards and QA procedures for the assembly line and manufacturing processes at KWD – a Q1 supplier of the VW-Ford joint venture AUTOEUROPA in Palmela – Portugal.
Since 2002      CBG – KonsultEnglish->Proofreader translatorTranslation of technical documentation Bobcat Excavators (Operation and Maintenance Manual).
Since 2001      CBG – KonsultGerman/English -> Portuguese translator/proofreader-  Translation of technical documentation for Opel (mostly workshop technical assistance handbooks and leaflets).
Since 2001      Net-translators /Given ImagingEnglish-> Portugues translator/Proofreader-  Translated all Portuguese documentation regarding the Given Imaging Endoscopy System, including User Manual, Software strings and technical assistance handbook.
2001              Polarpress/Estação Zootécnica Nacional SantarémEnglish Interpreter-  Simultaneous interpreter at a Convention on Wine Routes.-  Simultaneous interpreter at the 2001 EPSPA Convention – (European Pig Production Association).
Since 2001      DragamaisEnglish translator-  Translated safety documents for several vessels, including legal documentation, applicable law documentation, regarding Life Saving Appliances and Survival Techniques.
Since 2001      HidrodataEnglish translatorTranslated several documents regarding river and see bathymetry and surveys, including proposals and contracts with clients.
Since 2000      Bombardier (former ADtranz)Coordinator and Supervisor of English and German Translations-  Coordinated and supervised the English and German translation services of teams of up to 6 translators working for several international tenders for the supply of Light Rail Vehicles for two projects in Portugal for which ADtranz was tendering (MST – Metro Sul do Tejo, ADL – CP), including public works, heavy machinery, legal documents, etc.
1999              SiemensEnglish-Portuguese Translator (freelance)-  Electronic Measuring System 0100 Tester B 4112-  IP – A foundation for all Services and Applications

–  Fixed/Mobile Convergence

–  Mobile Communication


English-Portuguese Translator (freelance)

– Specification of the interface with the public network Interface v5.2

–  ADLS Tecnology


English-Portuguese Translator (freelance)

–  Set-up of a Transmission and Synchronism Network (Tender)

1998 – 1999    ADtranzGerman translator and interpreter-  Functioned as a liaison between German and Portuguese parties in the BR 145 project (locomotives for German DB), attending as an interpreter at meetings and translating from and into Portuguese, German and English documents, covering a great range of issues.
1998              ELFPCoordinator and Supervisor of English Translation Dept.-  Coordinated and supervised the English translation services rendered by ELFP – for EXPO 1998 – Lisbon, being also responsible for selecting applicants.ELFP- Maris

–  PO- Navigation System (SICNAP) – localization


–  OPEL CORSA – Car Manual

–  OPEL Monterey – Car Manual

–  ISUZU – Car Manual

1997              Centro Cultural de BelémEnglish Interpreter-  Simultaneous interpreter at a TPM Seminar by Edward H. Hartmann, promoted by SGE .Portugal Telecom

English-Portuguese Translator (freelance)

–  DLS – Digital Local Station – Hardware and Software

TMN . Sistel

English-Portuguese Translator (freelance)

–  Supply of a Voice and Data Collecting and Transmission System  – “Train Office”

1996              ELFP/SiemensEnglish-Portuguese Translator (freelance)Architecture documentation (including drawings, standards, instructions) on implementing a Semi-conductor plant in Vila do Conde – Portugal.
1995/6           A. Santos Silvestre LdaEnglish-Portuguese Translator (freelance)Health and Biology Portfolio of overhead slides and documentation for Medical training and University Studies
1995              Siemens -Autoeuropa – ELFPEnglish-Portuguese Translator (freelance)-  Localization of the IvaC System
Education 1985–1989              Universidade Nova de Lisboa-  Graduated in Modern Languages and Literatures – English/German (specialised in translation)
1992–1997              Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal-  Attended a Software and Hardware Technology course.

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