German Translator (Orlando, FL)


Languages: German Translation, German to English, English to German


Native German/English speaker. Professional freelance translator/interpreter since 2005. Average daily output 2000-2500 words per day. Solid reputation for reliability, quality, speed and attention to detail. Strict confidentiality guaranteed.


OPTIMAL COMMUNICATORS, Inc                                                            2007 – Present

Freelance translator/interpreter

Projects include translation of medical reports, surgery & laboratory reports, medical history, psychiatric evaluations, medical power of attorneys, workers compensation claims, wrongful dismissal lawsuits, internal emails and memorandums.

Over the phone interpretation for the health and insurance industries.

LEGAL LANGUAGE SERVICES, Inc                                             2007 – Present

Freelance translator

Projects include law suit study cases, contracts, arrest warrants, applications for political asylum, background check documents, patents, degrees, transcripts marriage licenses, divorce decrees, birth certificates, resumes, applications and reference documents. Translation of user manuals, IT related documents, family chronicles and other general texts.

K-International, UK Feb 2009 – Present

Freelance translator

Medical translations for the Ministry of Defense (MoD) for British Forces in Germany, extradition requests, business contracts.

Conference interpreter                                                                    June 2008

German Media team in Washington, DC and Raleigh, NC

Topic: Waste Management

Conference interpreter                                                                    May 2008

Siemens, Canada in Orlando, FL

Topic: New development of hearing aids for hearing impaired children

Conference interpreter                                                                    May 2007

Oncology Convention in Orlando, FL

Topic: Research and development of new cancer drugs

LANGUAGE LINE SERVICES                                                         2005 – 2007

Interpreter/ All Call, medical certified

Over the phone interpretation for the following industries: Medical, Insurance, Financial, Information Technology, Police Dept, 911, Legal, Background checks, Transportation, Travel, Government Agencies.

Translation of terminology glossaries and definitions for medical, information technology, finance and insurance industry, English/German. German/English.



Finance Industry                                                                               2004 – 2005

Assisted Loan Officers and German Buyers with contract interpretation and home buyers related document translation German/English, English/German.

ENGINEERING ACOUSTICS INC,                                                  2003- 2003

Translation and composition of German and English correspondence, translation of purchase orders, non-compete, disclosure and disclaimers statements. Over the phone interpretation during conference calls involving German business partners and clients.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH INTERNATIONAL                                     1999 – 2000

Recruitment and Placement Service for upper level Management in the Hospitality Industry

Proofreading, translating, re-writing and formatting resumes. Translating and composing correspondence, emails, and memorandums. Interpreting during interview process for the hotel and hospitality industry.

TOURISTIK UNION INTERNATIONAL (TUI)                                1997 – 1999

Travel and Hospitality

Interpretation for German speaking guests and English speaking hotel personnel, health care facilities, excursion providers. Translation of industry related documents, brochures, directions, service descriptions, menus, user instructions.


2005 Medical and legal translator certification with Language Line Services

1997 A.A. Business Management, University of Maryland, European Division

Course work in English, writing and public speech

1996 Certificate for Computer Information Systems and Software

Dekra Wirtschaftsakademie, Germany.

We have German translators and interpreters in Los Angeles CA, Orange County CA, New York NY, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, San Diego CA, Miami FL, Orlando FL, Atlanta GA, Washington D.C., Dallas TX, Houston TX, Las Vegas NV, Newark NJ, New Haven CT, Seattle WA, New Mexico, Auburn Hills MI, Vancouver BC, Canada, Berlin, Germany, Ludwigshafen, Germany, Dusseldorf, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Liechtenstein; Bolzano, Italy; Belgium in many more cities all over the world.

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