Court Approved German Interpreter (California)

Dr. Peter John Beck

Languages: German Translation, German to English, English to German


1968 – 1975                             Federal High School Vienna II, Vienna, Austria (Graduation with honors)

1975 – 1982                             University of Vienna, Austria;

Chosen fields: Computer Science and Economics

1982                                       Ph.D. in Computer Science and Economics

1983                                       Lecturer, Associate Professor (California State University, Fullerton)

Applications:                           – commercial/software translation

– technical/scientific/medical

– legal/contractual                               – manuals, books

– engineering/biotechnology                – RUSH ORDERS

– output on paper, disk, CD, via e-mail.

Available for                            * court appearances, trials, conferences

* depositions, arbitrations

* negotiations, overseas travel, etc.

Court-approved interpreter for the Superior Court of California

We have German translators and interpreters in Los Angeles CA, Orange County CA, New York NY, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, San Diego CA, Miami FL, Orlando FL, Atlanta GA, Washington D.C., Dallas TX, Houston TX, Las Vegas NV, Newark NJ, New Haven CT, Seattle WA, New Mexico, Auburn Hills MI, Vancouver BC, Canada, Berlin, Germany, Ludwigshafen, Germany, Dusseldorf, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Liechtenstein; Bolzano, Italy; Belgium in many more cities all over the world.

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