French Translator (Tours, France)


Languages: French


Specialties in:

Agriculture, Agronomy, Anatomy, Aquaculture, Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, Business Administration and Management, Business General, Business Marketing, Chemistry, Child Care, Criminology, Culinary Arts, Ecology, Education, Engineering, Fishing and Fisheries Sciences, Food Sciences, Forensic Science, Forestry, Geography, Health, History, Internet, IT, Linguistics, Literature, Marine and Aquatic Biology, Medicine, Microbiology and Bacteriology- Nursing, Occupational Health And Industrial Hygiene, Oil and Gas, Toxicology, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Music,  Photography, Patent, Press Release.

Freelance Translator Since 2008

PARUVENDU          Trader in advertisement

MICROMER            Laboratory Assistant

CREYF’S INTERIM  Trader Assistant

OCEANOPOLIS       Laboratory Assistant

HOPITAL D’INSTRUCTION DES ARMEES Laboratory Assistant in Quality

Education and Credentials:

2006-2009  “Université de Haute Bretagne” Faculty of English

2005-2006  “Université de Bretagne Occidentale”  DAEU Literary

1998-2000  Kerustum High School  Scientific Graduation

1996-1998  Scientific Graduation in agronomy

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