Farsi Translator – NIKKI FARASATPOUR M.A.



Simultaneous, consecutive interpreting

Translation / 3,000 words a day

Proofreading, Editing

Tape transcription

Desktop publishing

Actively working with over 50 translation and interpreting agencies





Legal documents pertaining to INTERNATIONAL CASES, including legal actions against AL QAIDA and other foreign entities arising from 9/11 TERRORIST ATTACKS, legal actions against the government of IRAN, HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH and many other organizations and foreign government officials for their roles in the terrorist activities and hostage taking which led to judgments of more than 20 Billion Dollars, summons, court orders, contracts (Ernst &Young), exhibits, marriage and divorce decrees


Translation of health care materials; Blue Cross of California membership handbook, state sponsored Health care programs (Medi-cal, Medicaid, Healthy Families, CareOregon), Department of Health and Human Services, consent forms for pharmaceutical studies (experimental subject’s bill of rights), medical questionnaires and reports, clinical research, medical/insurance records


Translation of web site for the DEPARTMENT OF STATE (daily news and briefings in addition to articles about democracy, American history and etc.)

Testified as a LINGUIST EXPERT WITNESS at the Federal court

Forms, brochures and literature for Social Security Administration, Department of Homeland

Security, US and Great Britain Custom Services, Transitional government of Afghanistan, Los Angeles Unified School District (State Proficiency test, Head Start program), Consulate General of Turkey, California Department of Water and Power (Flex your Power pamphlets), International Police, Encino City Counsel, County of Los Angeles (Domestic Abuse Handbook), YMCA, General Assistance (CALWORKs), US Department of Transportation, California Social Services Department, RTA bus lines, USDA (Biotechnology), Department of Human Services (State of Tennessee), Saint Louis public Schools (alternative education and student’s right hand book), Houston Independent School District, New York City Department of Transportation


Interview with Afghan Generals and prominent Shiite clerics (60 Minutes)

National Geographic Television and Film (Treasures of Afghanistan Documentary)

San Francisco Chronicle (monthly communications for Safety Committee)

Weekly news and updates for Pacific News Service website

Currently translating books and related articles for an upcoming documentary movie about the Hostage Crisis in Iran by the author of Black Hawk Down.


User manual (Sharp, Hewitt Packard), Conservation and safe handling of refrigerants (Van Steenburgh Engineering Laboratories)


Academic transcripts, employee manuals, advertising for commercial products and services (Union Bank of California), Insurance Claims, birth and death certificates, newsletters, surveys, company bylaws, informational hand books, personal documents, passenger hand book (Carnival Cruises), immigration documents, International Claims (American Express). Alcoholics Anonymous (handbook)


Court certified/registered, California Judicial Council Reg. No. 700121

Federal Court/US District Court, Los Angeles and Orange County Municipal and Superior Courts (criminal, civil and juvenile proceedings), Department of Justice, US Custom Service, Social Security Administration, Labor commissioner, Department of Motor Vehicle, Los Angeles Unified School District, Depositions, Statements, Arbitrations, Medical appointments

Have passed the FBI LANGUAGE TEST


California State University, Northridge                                        Master of Arts degree

University of California, Los Angeles                                          Bachelor of Arts degree


American Translators Association (ATA)

National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT)

Southern California Area Translators and Interpreters Association (SCATIA)


Unicode Farsi and English word processing programs, Farsi Spellchecker, Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat, PageMaker, Photoshop with proficiency in restoring background images containing the source text, in order to insert the target text, scanner with OTR and OCR capabilities,

Desktop publishing capabilities, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF with embedded fonts, outlined EPS, JPEG, HTML, audio transcription, MP3


Dari (Afghani)


Available upon request.

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