Danish Translator – Alasdair

Alasdair Graham – Brown

Language experience

English Mother tongue. Experience as an author writing publications in English, both larger professional works for publication and distribution, and articles published in international professional journals.

Norwegian Expert/fluent. Lived and worked in Norway since 1988. Actively used Norwegian as the written language of communication at a professional level, in non-translator functions.

Translation Norwegian/English 12 years experience as a freelance translator

Danish/English 10 years experience as a freelance translatorSwedish/English 10 years experience as a freelance translator

Specialist Specialist in all business related topics including marketing, management, finance, mergers and acquisitions, strategy, business economics, accountancy, annual reports and press releases. Specialist in technical translations with a special focus on automotive documentation and a broad range of technical texts.


MBA Master of Business Administration, The Norwegian School of Management, Oslo, Norway. An 11-month intensive MBA with special focus on strategy, marketing, finance and project management.

Cand. Scient. University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway. A research based scientific education at a near doctorate level in engineering geology.

BSc University of Sheffield, England. Dual degree with special honours in geology and physical geography.

Work experience

Management consultant, Oslo.

Four years experience working with strategy issues for small and medium sized private and state owned companies.

The Norwegian Road Research Laboratory, Oslo.

Seven years experience working with pioneer research work in loose material tunnel engineering.

Manufacturers Hanover Norge A/S, Oslo.

Two years experience working with the development of computer programmes for financial transactions and markets.

Dai Ichi Kangyo Ltd, London.

Two years experience working with interest rate swap deal administration on the London markets.

Alasdair Graham – Brown

Reference list

Technical projects Long term contracts for the translation of workshop manuals for two major Swedish automotive companies, Scania Trucks & Buses and Volvo Trucks and Buses. Total volume around 350,000 words a year.

Translation of the complete set of technical building design documents for the new Norwegian opera house.

Recovery Boiler Regulations. The complete set of Swedish regulations relating to the design, construction, maintenance and operation of recovery boilers, used in the wood processing industry for the recovery of energy from liquor bi-products. Very great emphasis on hazards and emergency procedures. Large translation project (80,000 words).

Translation of the complete specification of the Norwegian ATM network system. Specification describes the programming side of the system at a detail level.

Tender documents for the Danish national television network’s central monitoring system. Contains a technical description of the system, used by suppliers to prepare offers.

Series of academic scientific articles published in an international scientific journal. Scientific/technical description of a new oxy-fuel based technology for the recycling of fines, dust and sludge in the steel and metal alloy industry (20,000 words). Swedish to English

IT Renovation Plan. The IT renovation plan for a large Swedish government agency. (10,000 words) Tender Radar System. Tender document provided by a government agency for the procurement of a new radar system covering the entire coastal region of the country. Norwegian to English (20,000 words).

International pharmaceutical company – batch protocols for the production of pharmaceutical products (50,000 words)

Tender documentation/specification for new production control software for a chemical plant (30,000 words). Full production control system for a large chemical factory, all processes and stages in processing. Documentation covered both detailed descriptions of the production processes and the computer control system. Danish to English.

Manuals for the operation and maintenance of wind turbine and wind turbine parks. Full description of turbine construction, comprehensive operating manual to cover operating routines in all ordinary and extraordinary situations and a maintenance manual giving procedures for all scheduled services and unscheduled repairs (20,000 words). Danish to English.

Technical specification for the mechanical design and production of mechanical fasteners. Full description of metal alloys, heat treating and  surface treatment of metals used, full description of the mechanical strengths, stress, yield, strain and geometry required in the design of screws. Danish to English (30,000 words).

Full technical specification of the hydraulic control system for steerable truck rear axle. Detailed factory issued user manual, describing the hydraulics and the electronics systems, supplied with the product to train both drivers and also mechanics (12,000 words).

Production protocols used by a major global manufacturer of household appliances (8,000 words).

Manuals for the selection and use of epoxy resins in pacemaker production. Covers chemical processes, epoxy selection and preparation, casting/hardening and the effects of different procedures on product mechanical properties. Danish to English (18,000 words).

Road Design Software System. Translation of the complete manual for a road design software system, from Norwegian. Technical and advanced software system to be used by civil engineers in the design of new roads (15,000 words).

Business projects Internal Newspaper. Translation of a 10,000 word internal newspaper for a major Swedish industrial group. Emphasis on easily read, interesting and informative general interest articles promoting knowledge of group activities, company strategy and values. 4 issues a year.

Intellectual Capital Statements. Translation of a book/report for a Danish government agency on the use of intellectual capital statements in the business sector in Denmark. The report summarises the use of intellectual capital statements in Denmark, provides a detailed guideline for their use in Danish companies, and aims to promote the usage and the academic/specialist discipline in Denmark.

Website. Translation from Swedish for the complete web site of a leading Japanese car company.

Investment Prospectus. The investment prospectus for a large retail park complex, for presentation to finance institutions, professional investors and the stock market. Report includes a detailed analysis and presentation of the investment rational. Source language – Danish.

Governmental Report. A Danish government agency’s annual report on the Danish energy sector. Covers all energy sources including international energy trading.

Global leader in security services – 40 page manual for employee options subscription program

A Scandinavian embassy in Germany – 40 page analysis of the German building industry

A Swedish energy conglomerate – Comprehensive product marketing strategy document

A major finance house – a 45 page strategic business plan relating to establishing in Scandinavia

A Scandinavian business consultancy- The analysis of the timber products industry in a region of Sweden

A Danish municipality – Comprehensive strategy/vision/reorganisation document

A Danish kitchen manufacturer – Strategy/vision document

Internal magazine – Major Swedish/German electronics manufacturer

Internal magazine – Pan Scandinavian building materials Group

Internal magazine – Major Swedish/Multinational group, a global leader in physical security systems

Internal magazine – Swedish telecoms conglomerate

Customer newsletter – Bond and other interest rate instrument newsletter for Danish finance house

Advertising texts for major Korean passenger vehicle advertisements

Advertising texts for major French commercial vehicle advertisements

Advertising texts for major Italian commercial vehicle advertisements

EU documentation relating to labour issues

Press Releases Very diverse. Many industries, mainly large.

Speeches In the last 12 months I have completed several speeches, including a speech made at an international rail transport conference, a speech to an EU consumers issues convention and a speech made to raise funds for a global charity.

Medical projects – Series of documents relating to the application to a Scandinavian country’s National Insurance Scheme for early retirement pension. Includes
doctor’s certificates with detailed descriptions of the illness/disability and documents to and from private health insurance companies.

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