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Languages: Chinese Translation, Chinese to English, English to Chinese


  • Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute      Major: English                     Degree: MA
  • SHANDONG UNIVERSITY                            Major: English Language     Degree: Bachelor
  • BEC Certification.


* Translation monthly: 85,000words

  • Manager of the Language Department
  • Supervisor of the Language Department
  • Senior Translator & Editor
  • Contract Translator & Interpreter for European customers and visitors.
  • Completed translation projects for International meeting and exhibition which the company joined, Cebit2002 ( Shanghai), Cebit2003 (Hannover), etc.
  • In charge of edit & writing for company DM, introduction, technology guide in English..
  • Marketing reports & other publications in both English and Chinese
  • 2005/8-2006/2, part time translator to TCL on bank online projects.
  • 2007 part time translation on Asia education program
  • 2008/3-2009/1 translation for business consultant company on marketing program and management document.
  • 2009/1-2010 Full time freelance for Website translation and all kinds of documents translation.

Users’ manual

  • Users’ manual of Nissan Auto (E-C, 121,000)
  • AUTODOCU, INC (Korean auto website, E-C, 40,000 per month)
  • Samsung Motor user manual (E-C, 85,000)
  • Changhe-SUZUKI technical files and user manual (C-E, 186,000)
  • Brilliance China Automotive (C-E, 315,000)
  • Shanghai Tuohe Import & Export Co., Ltd. – MINI CAR (C-E, 264,000)
  • Jiangsu Reheda Machinery & Mould Co., Ltd. – die castings, iron castings, aluminum castings (C-E, 65,000)

Engineering and technical files

  • Product specifications of CAE Tropos™ 6000 Series (E-C, 231,000)
  • Users’ manual of Nissan Auto  (E-C, 235,000)
  • GE TW_RX64 Assy test materials document (C-E, 58,000)
  • Technical files of Samsung Motors (E-C, 35,000)
  • Technical Files of Railway Modernization Project in Nigeria (C-E, 400,000, more than 700 CAD Drawings)
  • Technical Files of Chengdu Metro Line I (E-C, 60,000, more than 500 CAD Drawings)
  • Translation of 1,000 CAD drawings of PT.MAKASSAR TENE2×75t/h pulverized coal fired boiler and 3×6MW turbo-generator project of a thermal power station in Indonesia (C-E, 300,000, more than 1,000 CAD Drawings)
  • ThyssenKrupp Elevator (China) (E-C, 65,000)
  • Technical files of Microsoft (Chengdu) (E-C, 45,800)
  • Progress Report of the Construction of Regional Information Dissemination Capacity
  • Proposal for Wolonggu Golf Course Project
  • Shenzhen Newbel Electronic Co., Ltd. (C-E, about 170,000 till now)
  • Ship equipment  (E-C, 67,235)
  • Installation and users’ manual of stainless steel compact semi-instantaneous packaged water heaters for CEMLINE CO.  (E-C, 59,984)
  • Zhenxing Due Diligence: Aluminium Outlook (E-C, 14,152)
  • Audit and Standard-Matching Management on the Emery of Key Energy-Consumptive Enterprises in Sichuan Province(C-E, 6, 909)
  • Activated carbon project of Shenhua Group (C-E, 153,721 )
  • Assessment Report on Overlaid Mineral Resources at High-content Sulfur Field in Northeast Sichuan (C-E, 62,446)
  • Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual – Conveyor Drier (E-C, 26,800)
  • Various machinery product introduction (C-E & E-C, about 200,000 till now)

Medical & pharmaceutical

  • GE Hangwei Medical Systems (E-C, 216,000)
  • HiSpeed Dual(CT Be2) System and GANTRY ASSY (E-C, 28,500)
  • Five key design benefits of next generation UV LED technology (E-C, 6,200)
  • Liberty Dental Plan Handbook for Care1st Health Plan Members (E-C, 19,600)
  • Clinic Evaluation on Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Propofol Marsh (E-C7.5K words)
  • BMS learning system on Basics of Hepatology (E-C, 158,600)
  • Validation sticker mounting system and components for use therein (E-C, 25,400)
  • Methodology used to identify biotechnology patents (C-E, 15,600)
  • Huaxin Medical Apparatus / Product (E-C, 8,600)
  • User Manual of QL/DL-IIID Electric Ion Operating Apparatu (E-C, 16,200)
  • Chengdu Mingsen Medical Treatment Appliance Co., Ltd (C-E, 213,000)
  • Shanghai Pine & Power Biotech Co., Ltd (C-E, 121,000)
  • Chengdu Hengda Pharmacy Co., Ltd. (Medicine introduction: Sodium Ferulate Tablet, Piperazine Ferulate Tablet, Metamizole Sodium Tablet, Cypress Seed Tablet for Nourishing the Heart) (C-E, 215,000)
  • An Efficient Conversion of Camptothecin to 10-Hydroxycamptothecin (15K words)
  • A method of reparing epoxy chloropropane (8K words)
  • Novartis MKC Web site (E-C, 125,800)
  • Costs Of Nursing Homes, Institutions, Convalescent Homes (E-C, 36,500)
  • Care1st Health Plan (E-C, 32,000)
  • Findings of Clinical Examination of Canada and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) (E-C, 8,650)


  • Tractor project for Shenyang Beifang Transport Co., Ltd. (E-C, 812,724)
  • Advance in phosphorus of cattle nutrition (E-C, 35,100)
  • Beijing Organic Farm Development Project (C-E, 68,200)
  • Premliminary Research on Precision Agriculture Benefit Evaluation Based on Real Option Pricing Method (C-E, 68,000)
  • Modeling on Precision Agriculture Project Performance Evaluation (C-E, 95,000)
  • 2010 Sino-U.S. International Workshop on Intelligent Equipment for Precision Agriculture and Airborne Remote Sensing and Measurement for Agriculture (E-C, 3,800)
  • Analysis of Obstacles and Countermeasures of Implementing Green Technology Innovation in Chinese Agricultural Machinery Enterprises (C-E, 56,000)
  • Under the Conditions of Agricultural Mechanization Effective Resource Allocation Analysis (C-E, 51,000)

Banking and accounting

  • Circular from State Administration of Exchange Control
  • Circular from Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, State Administration of Exchange Control
  • Claim from the People’s Bank of China and Ministry of Finance
  • China’s Registered Accountant Audit Guidelines
  • Numerous auditing reports and notes of financial reports – clients of Sichuan Wanbang Certificated Public Accountants Co., Ltd (C-E, 257,000)


  • Financing Study and Strategies for Private Enterprises (C-E, 17,195)
  • A Comparison on the Business Performance Between the International Great Banks and Our Sized Commercial Banks of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China and China Construction Bank after Being Listed  (C-E, 3,887)
  • An Analysis on the Business Environment of Sichuan Guijia Architectural Design Company Limited (C-E, 8,337)
  • A good business environment is an element to win the competition–An Analysis on the Business Environment of Polysilicon Solar Photovoltaic Industry in Leshan (C-E, 15,856)
  • Self-service Banking Development and Risk Prevention for China’s Commercial Banks (C-E,33,085)

Investment inviting

  • Investment Inviting Project– Focus Zigong Hi-tech (C-E,6,944)
  • Investment Inviting –Meishan Qingnian Technological Venture Park(C-E, 6,743)
  • Investment Inviting Project–Anyue Industrial Park  (C-E, 6,219)
  • Investment Inviting Project –Sichuan Universe Kuanyin Industrial Harbor(C-E, 32,694)
  • Investment Inviting –Pengzhou Municipal Commerce Bureau (C-E, 35,376)
  • Investment Guide for Shanghai Waigaoqiao Group (Qidong) Industrial Park (C-E, 23,436)
  • Investment Inviting Plan for JNC Group TCX Liquor (C-E); Pricing Plan; Packing Design; Promotion Plan; Agreement on Video Production; Marketing Survey  (C-E & E-C, 47,324)
  • Booklets of 59 scenic spots (including: Jiuzhai Valley, Yinchang Vally, Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea, Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Pingle Ancient Town, Pixian County, Kwanyin’s Hometown, Gulin Ancient Town, Anren Ancient Town, Jiezi Ancient Town, Zigong, Pengshan, Leshan and Dunhuang, etc.) (C-E, about 424,000 till now)
  • Investment Inviting Plan for Y&Y Fashion (C-E, 12,432)
  • Regular translation for a traveling magazine in Chengdu (C-E, about 100,000 till now)
  • All files of 5 Bureaus of Investment Invitation (C-E, 150,000)

Law & contracts & legal documents

  • Superior Court Judgment – Celanese Canada Inc. vs. Murray Demolition Corp (E-C, 25,000)
  • CCB Chaozhou Branch: Agreement on Individual Consumption Payment
  • ICBC Beijing Branch: Agreement on Corporate E-banking Services; Application for Opening a Account and Letter of Commission for Legal Representative; Application for Opening a Corporate Balance Account; Corporate E-banking Register (Alteration); Application for Self-service Bank Card Services, ect.
  • Agreement of Pacific Insurance Sichuan Branch
  • The BVI Business Companies Act  (E-C, 26,243)
  • Financial statements and Audit Reports of T2CN holding company, Article of Association (E-C, 32,500)
  • Insurance Articles of Friends Provident International (Hong Kong) (E-C, 34,500)
  • Longfor Real Estate Group — Kyle Phillips Design Agreement (E-C, 47,248)
  • Agreement on Exclusive Dealership Between PIERO GUIDI( Hong Kong) and A LOVER (Hong Kong) (E-C, 5,387)
  • Exclusive distribution agreement of PIERO GUID (E-C, 42,173)
  • Auditing and Proposal of Standard Management on Key Energy-consuming Enterprises in Sichuan (C-E, 87,864)
  • Auditing Standards for CPAs of China (C-E, 14,249)


  • Beijing Organic Farm Development Project (C-E, 25,600)
  • Project research of T2CN holding company (E-C, 41,200)
  • Exclusive distribution agreement of PIERO GUID (E-C, 36,700)
  • Sales promotion of Carrefour (China) (E-C, 45,800)
  • Production Manual Far East 2008 (C-E, 61,100)
  • Business plan for LAB London Limited (E-C, 52,300)
  • Juristic Analysis on the First Case of Regional Discrimination in China (C-E, 5,657)
  • On the Marketing Strategies for the Tourism in Leshan (C-E, 7679)
  • Business Environment and Basic Countermeasures to Cope with Global Economic Integration (C-E,11,535)


  • An Efficient Conversion of Camptothecin to 10-Hydroxycamptothecin (15K words)
  • A method of reparing epoxy chloropropane (8K words)
  • Validation sticker mounting system and components for use therein (10K words)
  • Clinic Evaluation on Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Propofol Marsh (7.5K words)
  • The effect of succinylcholine on the action of pipecuronium (6K words)
  • Method of reducing ethanol in sulfur-containing silane (9K words)
  • An implementation method of alert notification (6K words)
  • Research on Influence of Cutting Fluid on Slicing Single-crystal Silicon Wafers Quality Using Electroplated Diamond Wire Saw. (8K words)

We have Chinese translators and interpreters in Los Angeles, CA;Orange County, CA; New York, NY; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; South Pasadena, CA; Washington D.C.; Dallas, TX, Houston, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Newark, NJ; New Haven, CT; San Diego, CA; Seattle, WA; Phoenix, AZ; San Antonio, TX; San Jose, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Austin, TX; Columbus, OH; Fort Worth, TX; Charlotte, NC; Detroit, MI; El Paso, TX; Memphis, TN; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Nashville-Davidson, TN,; Denver, CO; Louisville-Jefferson County, KY; Milwaukee, WI; Portland, OR; Oklahoma City, OK; Tucson, AZ; Fresno, CA; Sacramento, CA; Long Beach, CA; Kansas City, MO; Mesa, AZ; Virginia Beach, VA; Colorado Springs, CO; Raleigh, NC; Cleveland, OH; Tulsa, OK; Oakland, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Arlington, TX; Vancouver BC, Canada;Seoul, Korea; Beijing, China; Shanghai, China; Jiangsu, China; Shandong, China; Shenzhen, China; Kunming, China; Taipei, Taiwan, Hong Kong,China; Tokyo, Japan; Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Hanoi, Vietnam; Ulan Bator, Mongolia; Manila, Philippines; Jakarta, Indonesia; New Delhi, India; Bagdad, Iraq; Jerusalem, Israel; Casablanca, Morocco; Kiev, Ukraine; Rome, Italy; Berlin, Germany; London, United Kingdom; Mexico City, Mexico; Brasilia, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tunis, Tunisia; Cairo, Egypt; Bogota, Columbia; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Moscow, Russia; Lima, Peru; Sydney Australia; Havana, Cuba; Tirana, Albania; Algiers, Algeria; Yerevan, Armenia; Vienna, Austria; Sofia, Bulgaria, and in many more cities all over the world.

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