Language: Mandarin English


Certified translator and interpreter in electric power industry

Specialized in Electrical Engineering, Quality Control and Tourism



Solid and rich theoretical and practical experience in electrical engineering, power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and utilization

15 years of experiences in China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. (CSG)

8 years of experience with Guilin Guide Interpreter Company


Translation Projects

 Sectionalizing Switch Installation Instructions (EN-CN)

 TEREX TELELECT HRM Articulating Aerial Device (EN-CN)

 2BWI(F)212 Current Transformer User’s Guide (EN-CN)

BWU Voltage Transformer User’s Guide (EN-CN)

BM1-1 Motor-driven Operating Mechanism User’s Manual (EN-CN)

GIS Factory Parameters for Substations (EN-CN)

Gas-filling and Air Exhaust Device User’s Manual (EN-CN)

B212/2 HV SF6 Gas-insulated Switchgear Driving Device Maintenance and Test Manual (EN-CN)

SF6 Device Cleansing Instructions (EN-CN)

BHG112 Circuit Breaker Operating and Maintenance Handbook (EN-CN)

CLP General Technical Requirements for Electrical Equipment (EN-CN)

DEUTZ Medium-sized and Large Engines TEM Evolution System (EN-CN)

DAK SRONG Hydropower Project Bidding Document for Hydro Turbine (EN-CN)

Model 2350 GC Controller (EN-CN)

S&C Electric Company UPS Product Manual (EN-CN)

MW-FPS-WH Daylight Sensor (EN-CN)

OptiLED® Lamp Directions (EN-CN)

Solar Battery Operation and Maintenance Manual (EN-CN)

AREVA T & D Inc. Type HGF 1014 F1 SF6 Power Circuit Breaker Instruction Manual (EN-CN)

Australian/New Zealand Standard– Electric Cables (EN-CN)

Special Report – White Goods (EN-CN)

HELIOS POWER Solar Inverters Product Manual (EN-CN)

Power Grid Dispatch Plan (EN-CN)

Intelligent Systems for the Smart Grid(EN-CN)

The Initial Design of the Newly-built Factory in Wuhan for WESCAST Industry Corporation—Electrical, Power and Energy-saving Segment (CN-EN)

Publicity Pamphlet for Guilin Power Supply Bureau (CN-EN)

Introduction to Substations of Guilin Power Supply Bureau (CN-EN)

Introduction to Offices of Guilin Power Supply Bureau (CN-EN)

Shanghai East Sea Bridge Offshore Wind Farm Tender Document (CN-EN)

HD2403 High-frequency Switchgear Operating Instructions (CN-EN)

Nigeria VINE ESTATES Residential Quarters Electrical Design Manual (CN-EN)

Power Supply Agreement (CN-EN)

Market Survey Proposal for Button Cells (CN-EN)

Power Grid Dispatch Agreement (CN-EN)

Single-phase Distribution Transformer’s Operating Managerial Standards (CN-EN)

STAR–90 Simulation System Technical Introduction (CN-EN)

 Internal Process and Product Audits at Keiper UK (32000 words_EN-CN)

Quality Management System Manual for Ling Ao PhaseⅡ(13000 words_EN-CN)

Baoding SinoSimu Quality Assurance Plan (CN-EN)

 The Past, Present and Future of Guilin Power Supply Bureau (CN-EN)

Si Lun Bei Xie Conference schedule (CN-EN)

Introduction to Jinshi Garden (CN-EN)

 Introduction to Deqingyuan (Beijing) Ecological Farm (CN-EN)

IndustrialIT 800xA – Control and I/O System Version 3.1 (EN-CN)

Communication Protocols and Design Control Software for AC 800M Version 3.4 (EN-CN)

The First Full Service Multimedia complex In Asia (EN-CN)

Independent animation studio (EN-CN)

China-France CDM Cooperation Program–Research Report on CDM Industrial Potential in Sichuan Province (region) (CN-EN)

Plan of Implementation for the Artificial Afforestation–Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Xiamen Egret Natural Reserve (CN-EN)

Directive 67/548/EEC–ANNEX VI Harmonised classification and labelling for certain hazardous substances (EN-CN)

Designed Operating Condition and Load Combination for Turbine (CN-EN)

Limitation of Op Amp Output Stage (EN-CN)

Integrated Front-End Enables Compact Multi-Carrier Base Station Radio (EN-CN)

Selecting the correct IC for power supply applications (EN-CN)

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center–Senior Management Career Development and Advancement Document (EN-CN)

The Vocational Training School of Mining and Construction in Vietnam–Simulators Purchasing Contract (EN-CN)

Introduction to SinoSimu Technology Co., Ltd. (CN-EN)

Analysis on Current Automotive Logistics Industry in China (CN-EN)



Bachelor of Electric Power System and its Automation at Guangxi Electric Power Institute of Vocational Training

Bachelor of English at Guilin University


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