Language: Mandarin English


Translation, proofreading, editing, and typesetting

Corporate regulations and rules

Employee contracts and agreements

Technical files and data

Financial, business and legal subjects

Conference papers and reports


Translation Works:


Business and Finance:

Revision of IBM Coating and Finishing Agreement

Transpacific Booking Agents Commission Agreement

Brief Introduction of Architectural Projects from East Shanghai Architectural Design Institute

Annual Financial Report of GuocoLand Limited

Agency Agreement of Quest International Co., Ltd.

Confirmation of Quotation and Order

Contract of Transport and Customs Clearance of BMW Brilliance Joint Venture

Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Profit & Loss Statement, Assets Evaluation Report, Tax Declaration Form, etc.)


Regulations and Policies:

Memorandum of Association

Rules and Regulations of Securities Exchange

Regulations for Competence Examination

Evaluation and Certification of Seafarer of PRC issued by the Ministry of Communication

Employee Complaint Procedures  Rules of OBI Management System Co., Ltd.

Environmental Protection Laws and Regulations

B & Q Property Management Regulations

Universal Orlando Policies and Procedures Engineering and Construction:  Introduction of New-Type Building Materials

BMS System of Shanghai World Financial Center

Planning of Jiading New Town

Sewage Treatment Engineering

Construction of Light Rail Project in Chongqing City

BLL Construction Contract

Construction of Crude Oil Supply Pipelines

Design and Construction of Beijing Theme Park

Machinery and Installation:

Hollow Blow Molding Machines of Kingswel Machinery Co., Ltd.

Installation Specifications of Mitsubishi Elevator

Instruction of Xerox Copier Ø Operation Manual of Sterilizing Device

Standards and Test Specifications of General Motors

Packcard Electrical Test

Introduction of OPIRUS

Mazda Auto Engineering Standard



2000-2002   Master of English Literature at University of Victoria, Australia

1995-1999   Bachelor of English, Sichuan International Studies



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