Moisés R C Perez

Brazilian-Portuguese Translator – Moisés R C Perez

Moisés R C Perez

Translator & Interpreter

KCM Translations Ltd.


Areas of expertise: Business, Engineering, Financial, Legal, Medical, Music, Naval.

• 24 years of translation experience in several fields, such as medical, industry (metallurgy, oil, automobile, and computer), civil construction, naval engineering, technical documentation, legal, commercial and other business-related areas

• High School degree in Translation and Interpretation – Graduated in 1983

• University degree from UNIBERO ( – Graduated in 1987

• Laws at UNISANTOS ( (4th year)

• 19 years of continuous translation experience in technical/legal translation

• Co-Owner of an attorney’s office in Santos/SP, Brazil – Perez Messias Sociedade de Advogados

• Consultant to several doctors, clinics and hospitals in Santos, SP

• Consultant to several attorneys’ offices in Santos and São Paulo

• Translations related to medical fields, namely ear, nose and throat doctors.

• Translation Office established in Santos/SP – Brazil since 1998

• Lead large translation projects for companies in Brazil

• Large experience in port related subjects (commercial, technical, operational, legal)

• Interpreter in conferences, courses and business meetings

• Translator & Interpreter at COSIPA, CODESP, Cubatão City Hall, Petrobras, Ana Costa Hospital (Santos/SP), Decibell Produtos Médicos e Hospitalares (Santos/SP).

• Full-time freelance translator. (Average of 80,000 words per month)

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