Brazilian-Portuguese Translator – MELISSA MANN


Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service (May 2000)
• Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service: International Politics, Trans-State Actors.
• Additional coursework in law governing international agencies.
Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil (1998-1999 academic year)
• Completed full course load in Portuguese.

Independent & Consulting Experience
Independent Consulting, Analysis, Editing, Translating/Interpreting (Aug. 2006 – present)
Notable clients/assignments:
BIREME (World Health Organization / Pan-American Health Organization) (Executive
Consultant: Jun. – Jul. 2008)
• Organized the “Access to Quality Health Information and Knowledge Sharing” Conference
in Bellagio, Italy, a five-day event with key international guests focused on promoting and
improving access to health information; sponsored by The Rockefeller Foundation as part
of the “Making the e-Health Connection” Conference Series.
• Coordinated, wrote, edited, reported and translated all communication and internet portals
– written and oral – in English and Portuguese.
Cochrane Collaboration & BIREME (World Health Organization / Pan-American Health
Organization) – (Executive Secretary: Jul. – Nov. 2007)
• Organized the 2007 Cochrane Colloquium in São Paulo, a 5-day event to promote
evidence-based medicine, with 750 attendees from over 50 countries.
• Coordinated, drafted, edited and translated all written and oral communication and event
promotion materials in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
• Drafted the information and procedures sections, and edited and produced the event’s
200-page program book in English.
• Programmed and mapped all of the event’s parallel scientific and social sessions.
Translations/Interpretations – (Independent: Aug. 2006 – present)
• Medical/Health: University of Sao Paulo – School of Public Health; Department of Nursing,
Sanofi-Aventis; University of Seville – Department of Psychology; Mackenzie Presbyterian
University – Department of Psychology; Nove de Julho University – Department of
Dentistry; Cochrane Organization and Brazilian Cochrane Center; Latin-American and
Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information / BIREME; American Bio Medica.
• Legal/Patent/Business/Finance: Cruzeiro/Newmarc Patents and Trademarks; Institute for
Defense of the Right to Defense; Nexans FICAP; Government of Colombia – Ministry of
Communications; ECMetrics; Government of Mexico – Bank Savings Protection Institute;
Bracelpa; MZ Consult; Elsevier.
• Technical: Mozambique Airlines; Transportations Urucu Manaus; National Autonomous
University of Mexico – Department of Applied Mathematics.
• Academic: University of Sao Paulo – Department of Anthropology; University of Sao Paulo
– Department of Philosophy; ILS – Country Reports / Development.
• Literary/Creative: War Zone (Leo Lopes, in production); Scratch (working English title for
Mexican screenplay – in production).
Genesis Translations, S.C. (C.E.O.: Oct. 2000 – Jan. 2006)
• Founder and co-owner of specialized translations/interpretations company at age 21.
Responsible for annual sales growth of over 50%.
• Coordinated and conducted simultaneous and consecutive interpretations and legal,
socio-economic, business, government, and literary translations to and from various
• Clients included: Coca-Cola; Dell; GE Capital; ING; Wärtsila; Aeromexico; Société
Générale; White & Case; Cummins; Int’l Foundation for Election Systems; and TV Azteca,
among others.
The World Bank (Consultant: Sep. 1999 – Jul. 2000)
• Provided general/socioeconomic analysis of global water and sanitation projects.
• Reviewed policy recommendations for team project under Social Development
Team/Gender Development at World Bank.
Independent Consulting, Analysis, Editing, Translating/Interpreting (May 1999 – Jul. 2003)
Notable clients/assignments:
The News; Washington Post: Mexico (Researcher, Editor: Feb. – Jun. 01; Mar. – Jul. 2003)
• Reported on and conducted research for articles concerning current events in Mexico.
• Edited reports written by colleagues and journalists.
CommCore Consulting Group / Bristol Meyers Squib (Consultant: May 2000)
• Led communication and professional presentation workshops for international guests.
Law Offices of B. Gladstein, Esq. (Paralegal: Summer, 1999)
• Analyzed cases and authored interrogatories for pending litigation.

• Spoken and written fluency / translating ability to and from: English, Spanish and
• Spoken and written proficiency / translating ability from: Hebrew.
• Basic skills: Arabic, French.
Computer literacy
• MS Office, Open Office, SPSS, AutoCAD, Acrobat, Photoshop, Trados, Wordfast,
OmegaT, Skype, Zoiper, X-Lite (representative list only); Windows, Mac, Linux.

Georgetown University Diversity Award Nominee, 1996
• Nominated for Georgetown University Diversity Award in recognition of efforts to better
relations among diverse campus groups.
Bronfman Youth Fellowship in Israel Award (BYFI), 1995
• Winner of scholarship to gain leadership and academic skills while studying in Israel.

Credentials & Memberships
Brazilian Translators Association – Associação Brasileira de Tradutores (ABRATES)
• Certified Portuguese to English translator.
• Association member 929.
American Translators Association (ATA)
• Association member 248097.

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