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Do you need a live Cambodian interpreter on the phone? Just call 1-866-327-1004, provide us with payment info, and you will be connected to the next available Khmer speaking phone interpreter. The cost of an arranged Khmer interpreter phone call is $3.00 per minute. Minimum charge is for 30 minutes.

To avoid wait times, reserve an interpreter ahead of time.

We have more than 20 years of experience and we only hire the most qualified and professional Khmer phone interpreters.

The Process
  • Let us know the type of Khmer interpreter you need
  • Call 1-866-327-1004, let us know the type of interpreter you need, provide us with payment info, and we’ll connect you to an interpreter
  • Our phone interpretation fee is $3.00 a minute and you can talk for as long as you need
  • There is never any sign-up fee
  • Average wait time for calls is about 30 seconds
  • Our Khmer translators are certified by state and federal organizations, the United Nations, and other authorities including the American Translators Association
  • We pride ourselves on accuracy, professionalism, and excellence
  • We also provide certified Khmer interpretation for court trials and administrative hearing in other states.

We have Khmer translators and interpreters in Los Angeles, CA;Orange County, CA; New York, NY; Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; South Pasadena, CA; Washington D.C.; Dallas, TX, Houston, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Newark, NJ; New Haven, CT; San Diego, CA; Seattle, WA; Vancouver BC, Canada and in many more cities all over the world.

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