LA Translation provides Korean to English translation of Samsung patents in lawsuits

Samsung Electronics Co., Inc. won for the first time in the series of patent litigations against Apple. The Hague court of the Netherlands sentenced on June 20 that iPhone 4 and iPad 2 infringed upon one patent of Samsung in 3G wireless communication.
The court found that Apple infringed upon Samsung’s patent on “the method of symbolizing the signal to reduce the errors in transmission of control information signals.”
However the court did not find infringement on the new mobile devices such as iPhone 4S with Qualcomm chip set and the new iPad.
The patent lawsuits started in April in the U.S. and which are currently pending in about 30 courts in 9 countries.
LA Translation has provided the translation of more than one million words of patents from Korean to English related to Samsung and Apple and will continue to make its best efforts to provide accurate translation for both sides.