Korean translator in China Eric Kwon

English to Korean technical translator Eric


A. Education:

 Graduated fromKoreaSeoulNationalUniversity

Control & Instrumentation Engineering Department (Bachelor Degree)

Graduated fromKoreaSeoulNationalUniversity

Electric Engineering Department (Computer Science Master Degree)



B. Job Skills:


1. Extensive knowledge and skill in English/Korean localization and translation

2. Excellent command of business/technical English/Korean

3. Well-versed in word processing, computer science, and Internet applications

l  Worked as a technical writer(mobile Internet, telecommunication) in bothKoreaandChinafor over 10 years

l  Specialized in computer science & programming (C, C++, WAP, Java, PHP, HTML and XML)

l  Specialized in SEO, Keyword research

4. Experience of planning and operating large scale Internet application such as social networking service like facebook.com


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