Korean translator and interpreter Yumi


  • ·         Strong educational background in Korean language (verbal and written), culture and history, with extensive knowledge in court interpretation and legal documents
  • ·         Demonstrated ability in translating different types of documents from Korean to English and from English to Korean that are both accurate and culturally interchangeable


Bachelors Degree in English Language & Literature                                                                    

Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea


Certificate of Court Interpretation Course                                                                                     

L.A. Translation/Interpretation Academy, Los Angeles, CA


TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Program                                                         

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada                                                                 


LVN program                                                                                                                                       J

College of Nursing & Technology, Reseda, CA


JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Level 1 (The Highest Level) License                                

ECC Language Institute, Osaka, Japan


Career History and Accomplishments

Nationally Certified Medical Interpreter                                                      Jan. 2010 to Present

  • ·         Providing interpreting services to Korean patients who are not proficient English speakers in compliance with the Interpreter Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, as well as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Joint Commission of Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAHO)
  • ·         Clients : Asian Pacific Liver Center at St. Vincent Medical Center (In-person Interpretation, Translation & Proofreading for website contents & brochures), Pacific Interpreters, Inc. (Telephonic Interpretation)


Independent Translator/Interpretater                                                               Sep. 1987 to Present

  • ·         Recent Translation: “시너지 경영인 만들기” (Soon-to-be published by Pak-Young Sa of Korea, 340 pages) written by Professor Hyung-ki Jin of California State University at Pomona Business Management School (Writing Sample Included)
  • ·         Business/Finance Translation & Interpretation: Approximately 40 annual and quarterly reports filed by Korean conglomerates to the Korean-equivalent of Stock Exchange Commission for a New York-based money management firm Ruane, Cunniff and Goldfarb, Travis Corp. (Korea), Wolf X-Ray Corporation (New York), COEX Exhibitions (Korea)
  • ·         Sports Translation & Interpretation (Korean & Japanese Language): Korea Shooting Federation (Korea)
  • ·         Entertainment Translation & Interpretation:  Sony Music Korea, Sony Music Japan, Korean TV stations (MBC, KBS, Cable TVs) & Radio Stations; Web contents, Interviews, Media reports, CD critics, Lyrics
  • ·         Literature Translation: 3 Novels from Keu-Sa-Rhang, a publishing company (Korea)
  • ·         Hotel/Tourism Translation & Interpretation: Hong Kong Tourism Association, Hotel Sofitel (Korea); Brochures, Business meetings, Presentations
  • ·         Beauty/Cosmetics Translation & Interpretation: The Korea Daily Newpapers, Cable TV Stations (Korea); Articles, Interviews
  • ·         Other Translations : Translated lots of technical instructions, labels, thesis, software translations from Migado Translation Agency as an independent contractor (Korea)

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