Korean to English and English to Korean Translations not in the dictionary

Korean to English and English to Korean Translations not in the dictionaryHere are some updated translations of the words and phrases that are not found in the dictionary.   The world is changing fast but the dictionaries are not keeping up with the change. 

implied covenant of good faith and fair transaction, fiduciary duty 신의성실의 원칙, 수탁인의 의무

affirmative defense: complaint is barred 적극적 항변: 고소내용에 대한 방어
well-tolerated 내약성이 좋다 / 내약성이 우수하다
시무권사 Kwonsa in Service
시무장로 Ruling Elder
치리 governance
교회 제직회의 Church Officers Meeting
나도 모르게 감탄사가 절로 나왔다. I couldn’t help but gush in awe.
고양이 발걸음으로 살금살금 그 방을 빠져나온 것 뿐이었습니다. I merely tiptoed out of the room.
for good and valuable consideration 유효한 계약을 성립하기 위해
백세 시대 Centenarian Generation
과세전적부심사청구 Request for review of the legality before taxation
주문 statement of decision
fall-back argument 예비 논거
퍼주기식 지원 unconditional aid
회생절차  reorganization proceedings
언제부턴가 since some time ago
봉인가 easy target
비아냥 sarcasm
밀실논의 closed-door discussions / (optionally) discussions taken behind closed doors
follow up with your doctor 주치의의 도움
lean forward at the waste onto your elbows. 허리부터 상체를 앞으로 기울이고, 테이블 위에 팔꿈치를 얹어 상체를 지탱하세요.
근린생활시설 neighborhood living facility
상황이 연출되다  situation occurs that
biomarker testing 생체표지자 검사
저작자와 저작관리자 Author and authorship manager
relief 구제
저작권 위탁  entrustment of copyright
배임수재, 배임증재, 업무상 횡령  breach of trust by taking bribery, breach of trust by giving bribery, business-related embezzlement
알선수재죄 Influence Peddling
주문 Text of decision
in an index 주가지수에 따라
동반매도청구권, 동반매도 의무자  Tag-Along Rights, Majority Shareholder
적격상장 eligible listing
인수대상회사  Newly Acquired Company / Business OR Acquire OR target firm
age defying product 에이지 디파잉 제품 or 노화방지 제품
Sialylation 시알산화
yeast-expressed  이스트에서 발현시킨
variances 변형허가, 특례적용
좌주 동맥 혈관 재형성술 Left artery revascularization
주머니 돈이 쌈지돈 poor financial sense
활성대조 Active-Controlled
Prayer for relief 구제 소원
채권최고액 maximum pledge amount
out of order 규칙에 어긋난
action in equity 형평법 상의 소송행위
짜집기식 개선– patchwork improvement
체외진단용의약품  In vitro diagnostic product(s)