Korean interpreter in Indonesia



Tyra is an interpreter for Korean-Indonesian-English.

She is a graduate of Chemical Engineering with Bachelor degree as Chemical Engineer.

Since graduating from a university in Indonesia, Tyra has worked as engineer and laboratory head in local automotive battery factory during 2 years. Then, some other companies like property and international courier service company as Branch Officer.

For 2000  ~ 2005, she stayed and lived and also worked in South Korea.

Back in Indonesia, the country where she was born, Tyra worked with a local Labor Ministry of Man Power as teacher for people who will formally worked in South Korea. Besides that she has her own language course for giving the Korean language and culture course to course participants.

At 2008, after 3 years as teacher, she worked based on project at one of Korea’s chemical industry – Cheil Jedang as translator and interpreter. Along with the project, she got invitation of local agency as freelance translator and interpreter.

If you need a Korean interpreter in Indonesia, she is our preferred interpreter.

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