Industries Require Accurate Translation

Industries wherein accurate translation is crucial

October, 2010
Posted in Translation Advice — Written by Gail

Translation is a very complex discipline that demands very high standards of accuracy. Organisations in all manner of industries require accurate translation services if they are to function successfully in languages other than the native tongue of the company in question. In order to demonstrate the importance of high quality translation, it is pertinent to look at some of the industries wherein inaccuracies have the potential to cause severe negative effects.

Medical translation

It calls for incredible skill to translate medical jargon and terminology successfully. This is why translation tools like machine translators are inadequate for medical translation. Poor quality medical translation can lead to the misuse of equipment and medication in an industry where there really is no room for inaccuracy.

Legal translation

Clarity is key to effective legal translation. Poor translation of legal documentation can lead to ambiguities and misunderstandings that can have negative effects ranging from the loss of time and money resolving matters of confusion to errors affecting the actual legal sense of the document. Specialist legal translators are required to translate legal documents, taking into account the nuances of each country’s legal system the records must be treated for, as well as the legal system under which it was originally drawn up.