Hyorin, Words of The man of that time, Immortal Songs

Hyorin won the first place in the Hallyu idol survival program, Immortal Songs.  She sang The man of that time, sung by Sim Soo Bong in the 1980’s. 

Here are the words translated from Korean to English.

When it rains I reember him.
He was always so quiet.
He hid the pain of love to himself
and cried because he couldn’t forget her who left.
(Drop the bit)
One day he asked me in a car
what is the saddest thing in the world.
Sadder than love is attachment,
said the man of that time. 

He played guitar for me in a lonely hospital room.
Consoled me and was sweet to me,
I loved him. 
Without saying a word Good bye,
Where is he happy now.
Will he think about me once in a while.
I still miss you.

He approached my lonely heart
and always covered me with sweetness.