Hyorin, Great Songs Never Die, At night like this, words translated into English

Hyorin who is a member of the emerging Hallyu girl group sista is being recognized by her competing and winning against other Hallyu idols at the popular Korean program, Great Songs Never Die.
See the Video for her appearance on June 25, 2011.

Want to hear words of Hyorin’s song? Here it is:

You wouldn’t know how much I miss you
I cannot bear the loneliness anymore
Whenever the evening comes
I used to call out your name.
Although you get tired from the long long wait,
please don’t shed tears of loneliness my love.
Someday I will hold the two hands of yours
and walk with you.
At night like today’s oh baby
I want to hold you tight in my arms
and forever stay with you
as the time stops for us.

courtesy of https://latranslation.com/